When Amazingly Affordable Brings Everyday Joy

When Amazingly Affordable Brings Everyday Joy

This post is sponsored by Aaron’s, Inc.; however, all opinions are my own.

There’s so much that we want to do for our kids as parents. And when we aren’t able to do them, it kind of sucks. While it maybe shouldn’t be that important to provide things like new bedroom furniture, TVs, gaming systems, etc. (especially when they’re more of a want than a need), the bottom line is that when they’re happy we’re happy.

And those things make kids very happy.

As a single mom of three who’s intent on pursuing my passion for writing and build a business that helps others, luxury items aren’t high on the financial priority list. To afford a new TV or gaming system – things that make the kids really happy but aren’t exactly necessary – I have to sacrifice in other areas.

At least, I would have to sacrifice if it weren’t for Aaron’s amazingly affordable lease-to-own which is serious about saving people money on lease ownership.

I really, really, really don’t like it when I can’t get the kids the fun things that they want. I know that it’s just for their entertainment but I want them to be happy. Now, thanks to Aaron’s, they can be.

Budgeting is hard for me; saving is even harder. I’m somewhat able to put money away when I have a goal in mind (e.g. saving for a new couch) but saving just to save has never been a strength of mine.

I see-I want-I buy. When I’m unable to buy right then, I get kind of bummed. And the kids do too. But with lease-to-own, we don’t have to wait. And for a failed saver like myself, that’s a great thing!

The only person I know who likes a good deal more than I do is my daughter. She gets so excited whenever she even thinks about how amazingly affordable Aaron’s is; and how we don’t have to wait to enjoy the things we want – and need – because of their great program.

I’m also thrilled because I can finally get that new refrigerator I’ve been putting off. I can also remodel my son’s bedroom which is another thing I’ve been putting off because: saving up is just so hard to do. Oh, and the TV that’s on the fritz, looks like we’ll be able to replace that too.


You can get furniture, electronics, and even smartphones (which are not so affordable without the discounts cell providers used to offer). The process is very easy too – no credit needed, flexible payments options, and you can shop in-store or online.

Aaron’s also has free delivery and set-up which is another saver since every place I’ve ever shopped at for furniture, appliances, and electronics charged for delivery and it can get expensive. They also include product service & repair which, as a mom of two boys, I truly appreciate since they are constantly breaking things (by “accident” of course *smh*).

Another feature I love is that you can pay off your items early without penalty. That’s important because I don’t like to carry debts long and so it’s good to know I can pay in full at any time and save. There’s also a same as cash option. It’s truly a win-win program since you can get the products you want/need now, but not go into mega debt to do so.

Aaron’s amazing affordable lease-to-own program brings everyday joy. Wishes fulfilled. Happiness is found. It’s great to have a program like this that can put a smile on their faces, allow me to get things that I really need for my home, and satisfy the on-demand-spender-who-loves-to-get-a-good-deal in me.

…and bring tons of joy to my daughter too!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Aaron’s Inc.. The opinions and text are all mine.