You Are What You Believe

You Are What You Believe

This post is sponsored by Barbie; however, all opinions are my own.

When I was a young girl, I adored play time. It was my escape into the land of dreams. The place where anything was possible. And where all I had to do was believe.

As I got older, I fought to hold onto that childlike perspective – and to continue believing that anything was possible.

But, as I know most of us can relate to, life got real. Family, work, bills to pay, and the everyday hustle and bustle of life put more and more distance between me and my dreams.

And then I had a daughter… and for the first time, I saw my adult self in a new light.

As I watched her play with her Barbie the same way I had when I was her age, I felt something awaken. Dreams that were long forgotten started to rush over me like the waves during high tide.

And I started to imagine the possibilities.

Even better than my own imagination, was that I became even more invested in hers. I encouraged her to dream big dreams, to imagine any and everything her heart desires, and more importantly to believe.

You Are What You Believe…

In today’s world, it’s even easier for our children to pursue their passions and live their dreams.

I love how Barbie helps inspire imagination, confidence, and ambition along young girls’ journey of self-discovery. Barbie encourages them to imagine the possibilities. Play with Barbie is so important to help keep that conversation going and have that running narrative that constantly reinforces the positive message.

And this video is absolutely too cute. My daughter and I loved it. A great way to drive home the pressing need for children to be allowed to play and explore their imaginations.

That’s where their dreams are brought to life. The imaginative play allows dreams to be made real.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Barbie. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Very inspirational. I agree that as we get older we sort of lose our imagination, curiosity, and forget to dream big because we are so caught up with working and other responsibilities. I guess we can re-learn a thing a two from children! 🙂

  2. You are truly what you believe. There is one great thing. You can also change your beliefs if they don’t do you good

  3. I love this message. It’s really touching to me right now where I am in my life. I think I will make that picture my background picture. Thank you.

  4. I used to love Barbie. Actually I still do. And my middle daughter plays the same way I did. She has decided Barbie can do anything and everything and I remind her that, like Barbie, she can do everything too!

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