Behind the Scenes: 4 Generations of Kilby Women

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I have always been super close to my maternal grandparents. Growing up, we (my mom and me, and sister when she came along) visited with them regularly and always had the best of times. I looked forward to going over “grandma’s” house every Sunday – and my grandfather would joke that it was always just “grandma’s” house; saying “nobody cares about grandpa.” Of course we do! I love him just as much but there was just something so special about spending time with my grandmother. She would sit and talk with me, tell me stories about her childhood, and share family history that I would not otherwise have known. Those are some of my most cherished memories.

4 Generations of Kilby Women

What is so precious about the next generation in my family is that, for the first time, there are great-grandparents. My children have something so treasured and I am extremely grateful that they have an opportunity to know and love the grandparents that I have been blessed with. When we gathered for family pictures in November 2007, which we do every 3-4 years, I was intent on getting a shot of the 4 generations of Kilby women. I love this photo and I love what it represents; my grandmother, my mom, me, and my daughter.

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  1. I loved my grandparents, they are all gone now but never gone from my heart. It’s nice seeing your family, four generations together is really interesting.

  2. I knew my great grandmother, grandmother then of course there is my mom and me. As for good memories of grandmother, she took me and my family on many family vacations.

  3. This is awesome! You are very lucky to have 4 generations of your family. Loved reading this.

  4. I am lucky to have four generations of women in the family. My mother is now 91 years old and this Thanksgiving we will spend it together with my daughter and her daughter…such a blessing.

  5. I love the generation pictures of different families, I was lucky enough to have one with 5 generations.

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