Behind the Scenes: Attitude of Gratitude

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This picture was taken as my daughter was opening presents at her 5th birthday party, in February 2008. In the weeks leading up to the party, she had made it clear what she wanted for her birthday. She circled toys in the Sunday paper circulars. She pointed out toys while we were shopping in stores. She even made a list – albeit hard to read with her very new writing abilities – that included her favorite items from a Toys R Us catalog we had lying around the house since the holidays. She was a girl on a mission. She knew what she wanted and she was determined to make it happen.

When she saw me working on my laptop one day, she said “Mommy, I want one of those!” I told her that there was no way I was buying a child a laptop; I had just gotten mine so how in the world did she think she was going to get one. Craziness. She was serious though. She promptly informed me that her upcoming birthday would be the best time for me to buy the laptop for her and that she looked forward to seeing one just like mine waiting in her pile of presents. Wow. So, she has already decided that she is getting a PILE of presents and that a laptop will be among them. Dreamland. That is where she was living.

Attitude of Gratitude

I thought I had found the perfect solution when I picked up the V-Tech Nitro Notebook pictured above. It’s a “laptop” but also educational and made for children. Score. Well, as you can see by the look on her face it was not exactly a hit. Right after this picture was snapped she wasted no time letting me know that there was a mistake because she was supposed to have a laptop computer like mine, not the toy that she was given. This was one of the first times that I remember talking to her about having an attitude of gratitude. What it means to be grateful. To have no expectations. And to appreciate everything that you have because you are not guaranteed to get anything. Let me tell you, these conversations still continue to this day with this girl. She has some high expectations. I truly feel sorry for any man who dates her – which she has already stated she will wait until college or after because she needs a grown up man who can take care of himself and buy her things. This is coming from a now 10-year-old girl. Lord help me. And her future husband. Lol. Smh.

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  1. Hahahah! Oh my! My 3yo is very serious about the things she asks for! And she never forgets! One time she asked for a purple eyeglasses that has a pointy thing on the sides. I told her I’d get it for her “soon”. The next 2 weeks was hell. She would ask me if I bought it already.

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