Behind the Scenes: It’s the First Day of School!

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The Photo:

Behind the Scenes First Day of School

The Story:

So, today was the first day of school! Yay! My daughter has been anxiously awaiting this day for the past 3 months. Yes, she is crazy. I’ve talked about her overachieving before but we will certainly delve into that in future posts. Back to today. She actually said the words “I can’t wait to have homework, and school projects, and do patrol duty.” I think she may be from Mars. Not Venus, Mars. That’s how cray she gets with her school time excitement. As the day drew nearer, the more excited she got. Not alone in her joy, my younger son was also extremely excited at the idea of learning to read “all the words” in first grade this year. He has self-taught (i.e. iPad apps are the BEST!) over the summer and can’t wait to get into the classroom to start learning some new stuff.

My teenage son however could do without the homework thing. That seems to be the only thing giving him the school blues. The thing he looks forward to the most – Football season. Me too, I love it! I teleworked today specifically so I could walk the kids to school this morning. We left extra early and my daughter practically ran up the street she was so happy. My little guy kept stopping for a break. The picture above was snapped during his water break as we were just a few short feet from the school doors. His big sister was so annoyed with all the stops; and when he stopped to take a sip of water I thought she may snap. But instead, she just gave him this look… he is so lucky that looks don’t kill! Lol

It’s the First Day of School!

Nothing brings me more excitement than the return to my beloved school time routine. I am such a creature of habit. I love my routines. They bring me comfort. They are reliable, dependable, and they never let me down. For me, the first day of school marks the beginning, not the end. The beginning of all the fun, and stress, that school time brings. Homework, fundraisers, carpools, and projects. I also have a huge challenge ahead with this being my first school year as a blogger. So, I guess the upside is I should have a lot of great material to blog about. But it will be interesting to see how I get all this done. I’ll just keep using my superb time management tricks to make it all happen.

I want to hear from you!

Are you excited about the start of the school year? Please leave me a comment below to tell me how you manage the busy months and find your balance during the hectic school time.

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  1. It’s time for us to get back on board with our low-carb lifestyle, and that means figuring out how to make lots of simple low carb meals. We decided to make the change in November, but the holidays made it easy to make excuses to indulge in sweets. But, because I have PCOS and insulin resistance, low carb is really the way to go for me. That means I’ll be cooking up lots of low-carb dishes for you to try, the first of which is this delicious pizza omelet.

  2. I can’t answer that right now, wait another decade. Every time I look at first day of school photos, it brings me back to when my brother and I posed for the camera with our backpacks on with our cheesy grins.

  3. Love the pictures, I have to say that my son has that same zombie shirt for the longest time that is all he wanted to wear! To be honest as a mom I’m never excited for the kids going back to school because I will be missing them all day but for them I’m excited so they can meet new friends and teachers and make new experiences. And I love hearing all about their day!

  4. Love the 1st day of school. Next school year it is going to be way too different than the usual: we are moving from Portugal to the US with our 2 kids who are 4 and 6 years old! Hope it will be ok for them 😉

  5. Today, I am NOT finding the balance between work, school time, crappy winter weather and gymnastics meets…….I totally forgot that today was the Vocabulary Parade at my daughter’s school. She is in the 2nd grade. I was in the car rider line when it hit me. We didn’t do a costume. (And I had such hopes of “Pinteresting” it this year). We didn’t do ANYTHING.
    Worst mom ever this morning!
    My sweet girl took it so well…….

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