Behind the Scenes: Girl, You Know That’s Right

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The Photo:

I don't know what I was saying, but it must have been funny

I don’t know what I was saying, but it must have been funny

The Story:

It was a Friday night in November 2011. I had been through a long commute to and from work and was looking forward to a night out with the girls…and the guys too. We normally try to get together and celebrate our birthdays since we are all Scorpios and November is our season. We had a great table (no easy feat, this place gets packed) and we had munched on some tasty treats while hitting up the hookah. It wasn’t long before we were all laughing, talking, and dancing to the live music. This night was one of the best time’s I’ve had at that lounge.

This picture was taken by my girl Jackie’s husband who was the self-appointed photographer during our Scorpio’s night out. His favorite shots are those that you aren’t expecting. The ones that catch you off-guard in the middle of something you may not have wanted anyone to see. He reveled in the joy every time he snapped one of these completely candid shots and would yell “Got ya!” when he succeeded in getting his picture.

Girl, You Know That’s Right

I don’t have a clue what I was saying to Jackie (pictured above with me) but it must have been funny judging by the laughter she is in the middle of. I look like I was topping off a just finished sentence with “girl, you know that’s right.” Lol. For some reason I absolutely love this picture. Maybe it’s the way it captures a moment in our friendship. Or perhaps it’s the joy I remember from the night when I look at this completely candid shot. One thing I appreciate about this picture is how it depicts one of my favorite things to do with my BFF: Talk her ear off!

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  1. My brother and one of my cats are Scorpios and I have no idea what that implies. Sounds like you two had some fun, the most fun I had in November 2011 involved The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

  2. Love the photo. I really like the candid photos. It shows the true moment. Easy to take a “cheese” photo, but the ones not expected are often my favorite.

  3. I love the picture! You can tell that the two of you are in the middle of a “laugh attack”! I love these candid shots! But, I just never remember what we were laughing about in pictures like these!!! LOL

  4. It sounds like you guys had a blast!!! That’s all I want to do when I have to travel somewhere….go out to eat with friends, and have a few drinks!

  5. Hahaha, yeah I have a picture of my friend and I at my wedding and we were laughing and I have no clue what we were saying.

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