Behind the Scenes: Living Vicariously Through My Daughter

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It was a windy March afternoon and my daughter and I were headed to a Girl Scouts event – Spring Tea & Chocolate at Tudor Place in Georgetown. We were so excited in the days leading up to the event, and while on the way to DC. As the first of our group to arrive, we picked our seats and the hostess poured us some tea. I snapped this shot as we waited; Madi was so excited about learning the history of tea and we also got to tour the historic mansion afterwards. Now that was truly exciting.

What my daughter did not know was how much I was enjoying the event. I always wanted to do stuff like this when I was younger. But it wasn’t in the budget for me to take part in many activities, or join Girl Scouts, or dance. Other than a few years of cheer leading, I didn’t do much other than hang with my friends as a child. No blame – My awesome single mother did an amazing job raising me by herself. I still look back and wonder how she did it. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish that I could have had the life that I am (thankfully) able to give to my daughter.

Living Vicariously Through My Daughter

The beautiful thing about having children is that with the right perspective, you can literally experience a lifetime all over again. You can do new things, and by expanding their horizons you can expand yours too. I proudly admit that I am living vicariously through my daughter. Every dance competition, every Girl Scouts event, every sleepover – it’s like I am getting another chance. I am seeing another side to childhood. While I may not be experiencing her life through the innocent lens of a child, it’s basically the next best thing.

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Leave me a comment below to tell me that I am not alone! Who else is living vicariously through their children?

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  1. I totally agree!! SO many times I realize the JOY in doing all of these childhood events and activities and it is just like that- we get to experience these things with a different lens- we can find gratitude in how fun life can be if we really embrace those moments!!

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