Behind the Scenes: Sisters Separated by a Decade

This post is a part of the Behind the Scenes link up where we show you photos – and tell the real story behind them. A sneak peek behind the scenes, a look past the edges of the photo to the life behind it.

Today, I am deviating from the normal behind the scenes format to talk about my relationship with my wonderful sister – who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow!

Am I the only little girl who dreamed of having a sister? I wanted a best friend, confidant, roll-dog, and scapegoat. I fantasized about brushing her hair and dressing her up in all my favorite little outfits – I wanted a living doll. One that would talk back – no, not like Chucky – and someone who, by their very existence, represented a permanent friend by my side. I would never be alone or in search of someone to befriend because I’d have my sister. At the age of 5 or 6, I remember writing notes to Santa, asking him to ‘deliver a baby’ for Christmas. I begged, errr harassed, my mom to go buy me a little sister. I mean how hard could it be to go pick up a baby? Oh how naive we are as children…lol.

For a few years I went on asking, writing letters, begging, and with no result. When I was 2 months shy of my tenth birthday, my mom finally delivered on my request and my younger sister was born. Yippee! Well, at least for all of 5 minutes. I was happy at first. It was new and interesting for the first few months. Then I noticed how boring babies are when your goal is to talk, play dress up, and brush hair. A few years went by and I entered the dreaded tween/teen stage. At that point, I was completely over having a little sister and wanted her to go away. Stop bothering me and my friends, stop coming into my room and touching everything, stop trying to ruin my fun and exciting social life. “This sister thing is not what I thought it would be” is the thought that often ran through my mind. Thank the Lord this eventually changed for the better and now, I cannot live without my sister.

There’s not much I can think of that is better than having a sister. My sister and I may have a 10 year age difference between us but our relationship has grown so much over the last 5+ years. It happened around the time that she became an adult; it was like one day I woke up and our relationship changed. She blossomed into this beautiful, kind woman who I look to for advice, support, and depend on for friendship; even when I am at my worst, she is right there by my side. Without my sister, life would not be the same.

I want to hear from you!

Do you have a sister? Please leave me a comment below to tell me all about your relationship.

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  1. My little sister ROCKS. I wrote something similar in her birthday card a few years ago. I don’t recall wishing for a sibling. I had cousins and that was alright by me. After she arrived, I was nervous because I thought she’d encroach on my territory. Over time though, I became incredibly grateful. And now she indeed is my very best friend.

  2. This is so familiar to me! My daughters are 10 years apart. My oldest went through all you said and then when I became disabled she took over the “Little Mama” role. Now they are 20 and 30 and the best of friends and my oldest daughter has a daughter that it 10 years younger than my youngest. Full Circle.

  3. This is very sweet. I always wished I had a sister too, I grew up seeing my mom’s relationships with her 3 sisters, I think I was always a little jealous.

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