You Have To Believe If You Want To Achieve

Beliefs are tricky things.

Our assumptions that we make about ourselves and others. What tells us how things really are and how we expect them to be.

Is all based on what we believe.

So then, what happens when you start to dream big and set goals that will get you to the next level.

Well, if you believe that it’s possible, that you’re deserving, and that you’re capable then you’ll be on your way to making it happen in no time.

But if you do not believe, then achieving your goals will be an uphill battle (with yourself).

Believe in the Possibilities

There’s a scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey’s character Lloyd is asking Mary about the possibility of them becoming a couple. It’s highly unlikely, as Mary makes clear, but Lloyd has an unshakable belief in the possibility.

The conversation goes like this:

He asks her, “What do you think the chances are of a guy like me, and a girl like you, ending up together?

“Not good,” says an unenthusiastic Mary.

“You mean, not good like, one out of a hundred?” Lloyd says.

To which Mary replies, “I’d say more like one out of a million.”

Lloyd remains undeterred. He considers “one in a million” to be a window of possibility. He still sees a chance for him to achieve his goal of being with Mary.

After a moment of reflection, Lloyd tells Mary, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance… YEAHHHHHH!”

While I’ve seen the movie many times, it wasn’t until I attended a DreamBuilder training event a couple of years ago, where leading personal development teacher Mary Morrissey used that clip to illustrate a teachable moment, that I was able to see this scene for what it is.

The _unshakable_ belief that Jim Carrey’s character has in the possibility is downright inspiring. He didn’t take it as bad news (as most people would’ve), he focused on his chance. He believed in the possibility.

When I reflect on some of my earliest unaccomplished goals, I realize there was one piece missing. The piece that makes the whole puzzle fit together. And that was my ability to believe. Setting a goal is one thing… but to actually accomplish your goals you have to start by believing in the possibility of you achieving them!

* Don’t allow the rigamarole of getting it done to stop you from trying.

* Don’t allow the weight of past failures to keep you from continuing.

* Don’t allow the unlikelihood of completion to keep you from believing.

Keep believing in the possibility. Keep moving forward. Keep going and make it happen.

Believe in Yourself

Have you ever watched a baby as it’s learning to walk? I’ve had the privilege of raising three children, and also seeing my nearly 2-year-old grandson come up in the world. One common thing that I’ve observed about all children, from the moment they are born, is that how sure they are of themselves.

When a baby is learning to walk, they don’t question whether they should be walking.

They don’t hold the fact that they’ve never walked before against themselves.

They don’t wonder if walking is ever going to be in the cards for them.

They simply believe in themselves.

When you are getting ready to achieve a new goal, you have to believe that you can do it! Whatever the goal doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that you BELIEVE that you can even achieve it in the first place.

Always believe in yourself… know that these legs are made for walking… and that’s literally just what they’ll do.

Believe in Your Ability

Raise your hand if you’re a _recovering_ perfectionist.

One of the mistakes that we perfectionists make *repeatedly* is waiting. We wait until everything is just right… and, spoiler alert, it NEVER is! So then we wait, and we chip away at any confidence we have in our ability to get it done.

Sound familiar?

It’s the story almost every purpose-driven, goal setting woman I’ve ever met can relate to. But just because it’s been the beginning of your story, doesn’t mean it has to be the ending.

The next time you set out to achieve a new goal, don’t let perfectionism, self-doubt, and negative paradigms hold you back. Believe in your ability to get it done.

Have a goal that you have yet to begin working towards? Get started now. Build the momentum. And then keep going. You will gain confidence along the way. Just stay the course…believe in your ability.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

If you find yourself having negative thoughts and second-guessing your ability to accomplish your goals, just ask yourself this question.

What’s the worst that can happen?

* If you fail, so what?

* If it takes you twice as long to finish, so what?

* If it simply never happens, so what?

By confronting your negative thoughts and facing them head-on, you take away its power. You acknowledge them, but you choose to believe in the possibility.

Never allow fear and insecurity to stop you from ever trying. Believe in the possibility. Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability. Keep pushing forward.

Put Your Inspiration Into Action

I’ve talked about believing that your goals can be achieved.

Believing in the possibility. Believing in yourself. Believing in your ability.

When creating your goals, you have to truly believe that they can happen… or else they never will.

Now I challenge you to not just get inspired but to take it a step further. Put your inspiration into action. Take at least ONE step towards believing that you can accomplish your goals.

This action can be anything – “big” or “small” – something that gets you out of your head and into motion. An example of this could be to:

Grab a post-it note, index card, or piece of paper and write the following mantra: I believe in myself. Keep this note in a place where you’ll see it daily. Anytime you are having doubts, fears, or worries as it relates to your ability to achieve your goals, look at the mantra and repeat it aloud until it soaks in.

Don’t wait to do this part. The sooner you start reinforcing this positive message, the less time you’ll spend not making your goals happen.

I’d love for you to share in the comments section below ONE step you’re going to take towards believing that you can accomplish your goals.

If this is an area that you struggle with, I’d love to help. Schedule a free strategy session session with me and we’ll figure it out together.

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  1. (You Have To Believe If You Want To Achieve) This would be great for my daughter to read, she gets down on herself about many crazy things I think.

  2. The story with Lloyd is too funny. I have my own little story of my belief becoming a success. I was always stuck in customer service, back breaking work. All I have wanted was an office job and I’ve landed it! With the help of having been a blogger for 6 yrs and the company I work for seeing all of my customer service as a huge bonus, I landed my dream job. But now I miss the physical work, just doesn’t pay well enough for a single mom of three. You CAN do and achieve any goal you really put your mind to.

  3. This is a great post. I’m a firm believer in believing in yourself. At times I’ve been too afraid to make certain moves, but when I pushed myself and took the leap, I was always happy in the end, and I continue to try and push myself out of my comfort zone

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