An Easy Way For Busy Moms To Save Time

Us moms have soooo many things to do.

Whether it’s something just for us, or something for the kids, or something for the house – the tasks list goes on and on.

I remember when I was younger and I used to love accompanying my mom on her errands. Going to the grocery store, stopping by the laundromat, picking up medications at the pharmacy – these are all things that I thought were fun. Fun.

What in the world was I thinking?

I definitely know better now and my mom took great pleasure in saying “I told you so” when I complained about all the adulting I have to do.

While I may have rolled my eyes at most of her sage wisdom, there was one piece of advice my mom gave me that’s still in the back of my mind today: Stock up.

Stocking up is one of the easiest ways for busy moms to save time.

I wasn’t always a believer. Until I did a time audit years ago, I didn’t realize how much time I actually spent going to the store to grab things that I could have just stocked up on.

Especially things like toilet paper. That’s one of the things that you know you’re going to use all the time.

Who wants to run to Walmart 2-3 times in a week when you can just go once and have enough to last for a little longer? Not me.

That time can be better spent on other things instead of sitting in the car, waiting at red lights, walking around the store, etc.

With six people living in my house, toilet paper is certainly the one thing we use more than anything else.

I keep all the bathrooms stocked. And I have extra in hidden places – just in case 😉

Running out is the thing that nightmares are made of. No, seriously. It’s one of my irrational fears.

I don’t ever want to know what it’s like to be out of this one necessity at a time I need it most.

That’s why I love stocking up on Cottonelle CleanCare Mega Rolls. Thankfully, there is a Walmart 5 minutes away from my house. But I still don’t want to spend more time than I need to running back and forth.

Cottonelle CleanCare Mega Rolls

So I usually go once a week and grab a couple of packs so I know that’s done and I won’t have to think about it again until next week. And the best part, 1 mega roll = 4 regular rolls. It’s a true win-win.

Things that can be done less or things can be done once instead of twice are those things that will help you save a lot of time in the long run.

So the next time you’re thinking of ways to save time, consider cutting back the number of trips you make to the store by stocking up on things you use daily and will always need, like toilet paper.

You can even try a service like Walmart Grocery Pick-up to save even more time! I love being able to just grab and go – without walking all over the store. Grocery pick-up is one of the best inventions for us busy moms (Click here to see if they have it in your area).

Cottonelle CleanCare Mega Rolls

Click here to grab your coupon to save $1 on Cottonelle CleanCare Mega Rolls at Walmart.

I want to hear from you!

Do you like to save time by stocking up on the necessities? Please let me know by joining the discussion in the comments section below.

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  1. I stock up as much as I can, especially for winter, as I never know when I won’t be able to go out for days on end, especially this year.

  2. Our household depends on Amazon a lot more than Walmart for reoccurring purchases. A case of paper towels + a quart of maple syrup + Bobs Red Mill pumpkin seeds 4 pk. + and gluten free brownie mix 4 pk. + a box of magic erasers + Yes to Tomatoes zit stick + Caldrea 32 oz. all purpose cleaner + Pamala’s GF Baking Mix 4# bag 3 pk. Amazon now ships subscribe and save items all at one time…and in one box. UPS works hard for their money!

  3. Walmart grocery pickup is a really neat service. It says a ton of time and running all over town picking up groceries. Plus, you can see the prices when you order, so it makes it easy to comparison shop.

  4. I always shop in bulk and re-stock even when there are still a few items left. Toilet paper is something we don’t want run out of so I do choose a brand that is soft but sturdy and economical too. Cottonelle has been our choice since as far back as I can remember.

  5. I feel like I am constantly running from one place to another so I am all about saving time whenever I can. And since my boys tend to rely on me to make sure there is enough toilet paper in the house, I need to pick up some of this Cottonelle!

  6. Stocking up came naturally to me,since I grew up with my mother doing that. Grocery pickup is something I use occasionally, but it is a little more difficult since the closest Walmart does not offer it, but they also deliver many things directly to my home, so I use that for a lot of non-perishable items–paper goods, toiletries, pet supplies,etc. They have even started to include many pantry grocery items, which they did not do when this service started.

  7. I love how convenient Walmart grocery pickup is. It definitely saves time when grocery shopping. I shop at Walmart a lot.

  8. I do better when i stock up. This is also our brand of choice when it comes to paper. I swear these rolls last longer than any other on the market.

  9. The funny part about this is I just got home from the store because we were on our last roll of toilet paper! I love Cottonelle toilet paper too.

  10. I always do better when I stock up on things. It keeps me out of the stores for longer period of times for sure!

  11. I’m reading your post as I juggle fifty trillion things–yes, we moms are definitely super busy! 🙂 I agree with you, stocking up has made my life a little less hectic since I don’t have to run out to grab essentials every couple days!

  12. I should probably do a time on it to see how I am wasting some time. You’re right I probably spend more time going back-and-forth to the grocery store over little things than I realize.

  13. I can remember always wanting to go with my mom grocery shopping and on her errands. What was I thinking! Stocking up is a great way to save time and money. Starting with toilet paper and other paper products is always a great way to begin.

  14. I always stock up on toilet paper. It’s the one necessity that I can’t stand even the thought of running out. Whenever I’m getting low (down to 4 rolls), it’s time to stock up.

  15. I like to stock up on these types of things also. I watch for sales and then buy extra. Great idea and time saver. Thank you for sharing

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