Chrisette Michele Pose ‘N Post Symposium Recap & Interview

Chrisette Michele Pose ‘N Post Symposium Recap & Interview

This mama was all too excited to get out and attend Grammy Award Winner Chrisette Michele’s Pose ‘N Post Symposium in Washington, DC this week.

This is the first time I attended an event as ‘media’ so I must admit I was a little unsure. I’m a writer at heart… and this blog is just a place to store my words. So the concept of being a ‘media outlet’ was definitely lost on me.

But, I winged it. Which is what us mamas do best. *wink*

To see the details of the Post ‘N Post Symposium, read this post. And then check out my recap and brief interview with Chrisette below.

Chrisette Michele Pose ‘N Post Symposium and Interview via @carinkilbyclark

The decor was ah-maze-ing! I love pink, flowers, and all things sweets. So, as soon as I took a look around I knew it was going to be a great night no matter what.

The day was somewhat stressful for me since I already had plans with my bff Jackie {pictured in the group shot on the left}. We were headed directly to Union Station to catch a bus to NYC right after the event.

So I had to drag along my luggage, dress in an outfit that would be suitable for the event and the bus ride, while also relying on my iPhone & iPad since I wasn’t going to lug my good Canon all the way to NY.


The Pose ‘N Post Symposium was all about bringing together social media influencers to share best practices, and tips & advice. Before the event began, I had a chance to interview Chrisette. She’s so sweet, honest, and real. I really enjoyed our chat.

My interview with Chrisette…

In keeping with my mission & message, I asked her questions that I know my fellow moms would want to know too.

Q. How do you stay stress-free? How do you relax with all the demands and chaos that can consume your daily life?

A. I pay attention to my breath. And to my body. I listen to my body to know when I need to take a step back. Also, prayer and meditation. Daily.

Q. How do you deal with being a public figure and the attention and lack of privacy that accompanies that lifestyle?

A. Me, I feel like I was meant to live a public life and I’m open to sharing my space. What I say is what creates that privacy. I choose what to say and what not to say.

I love what Chrisette said about paying attention to her body and knowing when it’s time to chillax. We all need to do that. And I’m a firm believer in prayer & meditation so it was cool to hear that she engages daily.

I also appreciated her perspective on being in the public eye.

With the advent of social media, we all are somewhat in the public eye – and there’s even a debate about whether parents are doing to much “sharenting” {sharing + parenting} when posting about their kids online.

So it was great to hear her say “I choose what to say and what not to say.” Something we ALL have the ability to do if we want to keep some things private.

And now, for the main event…

The event began with a cocktail hour – the sweet treats courtesy of Charm Décor were absolutely delicious.


It was fun to mix & mingle… and meet new people. There was also a fun icebreaker that required us to get up and find someone new to friend on Instagram. I loved the spirit of intentional connecting which I think can sometimes get lost on social media.

Before introducing the panelists, Chrisette sang her new, unreleased single with a dope guitarist strumming the tunes.

The panelists had really great advice. Before this event, I was unaware of these awesome ladies because I don’t follow any fashion or beauty bloggers – I mainly keep up with fellow family & parenting influencers {I now follow them all on Instagram and look forward to their awesome lifestyle posts :)}.

Panelsts: @lover4_fashion | @brosiaaa | @courtneyadeleye | @chrisettemichele

Panelsts: @lover4_fashion | @brosiaaa | @courtneyadeleye | @chrisettemichele

After Chrisette introduced each panelist and welcomed them to the symposium, we went right into the content.

Audience members were able to ask their most burning questions and get guidance on how to build their own social media presence. The panelists were very honest, and one point that kept coming up was to do what you love.

Put your all into it and don’t stop. Let it consume you and accept that, at least for a little while, this is going to be your entire life.

Let me tell you… that makes me feel so much better. Because I spend many hours slaving away at this keyboard. So it’s nice to know that it’s totally ‘normal’ in these beginning stages.


The night ended with a lovely group shot, a swag bag, and a rose. And a good time was had by all. :).

I want to hear from you!

What questions would you ask about building an authentic social media presence? Please let me know in the comments below.

I’d also love to know who your favorite social media superstars are – leave their name(s) in the comments below so I can check them out!

P.S. This really made my day! *cheesy face*

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  1. Looks like everyone at the event had fun. You did a good job being a member of the media. I think you’re going to attend lots more events like this.

  2. This looks like it would have been super fun! I have a hard time listening to my body I am one to push and push and push!! I guess I need to learn to listen to it!

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  3. This looks like it was so much fun! I was supposed to try and attend but my body was telling me I needed to chill out, so I did lol. Thanks so much for sharing this great recap and hopefully there will be another one next year.

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  4. I follow Love4Fashion on YT and IG, love her! Love the idea of letting your passion consume you, it sure takes a lot of time and hard work but it’ll pay off in the end.

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  5. This looks like it was a super fun and informative event. When I saw the promo for it, I honestly didn’t know what it was gonna be all about. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m trying to get better about sharing more on social media but for now, I just follow and support others 🙂

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