I Completed My First 5K Run! {The Glo Run}

This past Saturday, I completed my first 5K run, The Glo Run, and lived to tell the tale. Check out my recap here.

Let me start with a bit of my fitness history: Other than the 6 months that my sister and I spent training at L.A. Fitness 3 days a week from September 2009 to March 2010, I have never worked out regularly. My physical fitness amounts to the days I spent in PE class and Cheerleading in middle & high school. Oh and there is that one time I did the Breast Cancer Walk (emphasis on walk) with one of my friends and her Sorority team a few years back.

So, when my girl Jackie first mentioned the Glo Run to me I thought, “Glo what?” Lol. We had been discussing fitness, and being more active, and she saw a groupon for the Run back in the first week of March. Although the groupon was sold out by the time we decided it was a go, we signed up anyway. Since there is strength in numbers, I recruited my sister to join us and we asked our friend Mimi to get in on the fun since she has also been focused on becoming more fit this year.

We were all set with our team and ready to get prepared:uh, or so I thought…what did I get myself into?

Our Glo Run Team - From the top left: Mimi, Candice, Mrscpkc, & Jackie.

Our Glo Run Team – From the top left: Mimi, Candice, Jackie, & Mrscpkc.

The Glo Run is a 5K run/walk that takes place at night. There are cool effects that light the path, jams blasting along the way, and participants dress in vibrant colors which shine bright in the night sky. The run took place on April 20th at the National Harbor and began at 8:30 pm. The proceeds from the Run go towards supporting Playworks Washington, DC; an organization that is making schools healthier, happier places for 3,700 kids in 13 DC elementary schools every day. Such a worthy cause!

I was supposed to be training for the run during the 5 weeks that preceded; however, I did not. I think I got on my treadclimber once during that entire time…I know, so sad. As the date got closer, I became more and more afraid that I was going to die on the Glo Run trail (I am a bit dramatic). Nevertheless, when this past Saturday arrived I pumped myself up and started to get excited. We went down to the Harbor, ate an early (light) dinner, picked up our participant packets which contained the bright T-shirt, race bib, glo glasses & necklaces and went back to our hotel room to get ready (you know I was not trying to drive all the way back to the “boonies” after my near death experience…hahaha).

The Glo Run t-shirt and Race Bib.

The Glo Run t-shirt and Race Bib.

We finished the 3.1 mile Run in 45 minutes; with a mix of running, fast walking, and jogging. I somehow survived, and lived to tell the tale–much to my surprise :). After the Run there was a DJ playing some jams, folks were dancing around, and we were treated to bottled waters & yummy snacks.

I must be a glutten for punishment since my girls and I are signing up for the Electric Run when registration opens up tomorrow; that Run takes place September 7th. Hopefully, I will do a better job training for this one– especially since our goal is to beat our 45 minute time. We shall see!

I Glo Runned It! :-P

I Glo Runned It! 😛

For more pictures, video, and a narrative on the Run from my girl Mimi’s point of view, please see her blog post.

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