Cultivate Your Year Live Post-Event

Cultivate Your Year Live (Thoughts and Post-Event Tips)

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Cultivate Your Year Live Post-Event

Your New Year starts TODAY.

Lara Casey

It’s no easy task to summarize an experience like the one 220+ women had at the first-ever Cultivate Your Year Live (CYYL) event yesterday. But, I will try.

This post will serve two purposes: 1) My thoughts on the CYYL event. And 2) Share post-event tips – that you can apply to any event you attend.

Let’s begin…

Cultivate Your Year Live – Thoughts

Before I get into my experience at CYYL, let me briefly explain *what* it is.

In the PowerSheets Planner, there are approx. 35 pages of “prep-work” that you work through before you set your goals.

This work is pivotal to being able to set meaningful goals that are rooted in your vision, what truly matters most to you, and what will give you the opportunity to step into your next level–whatever that means to you.

The CYYL event was designed to take us through that prep-work – and spend a day being guided and coached by Lara Casey, the Founder of Cultivate What Matters and Creator of PowerSheets.

Carin Kilby Clark and Lara Casey Isaacson
Lara and I started the day with a hug and a smile. πŸ™‚

I was blessed to be able to serve as a Table Leader at the event and wow. So humbled. So grateful. Heart. Full. πŸ’–

But, I didn’t just serve as a table leader–I was also an attendee. I wholly participated in the experience alongside the women at my table and it was the absolute best experience.

Carin Kilby Clark Table Leader

Creating the environment…

Before the attendees came into the Ballroom, we had a pow wow to discuss the plans for the day. One of the things that we talked about was the type of space we wanted to create for the attendees. The environment we wanted them to experience throughout that day.

I loved the focus on creating a safe space that was welcoming, inviting, and open. Doing the PowerSheets prep-work can be daunting. You uncover things that you may wish were left undisturbed. But this deep work is such an important part of the process and doing it in this setting was unquestionably the best way to get it done.

Cultivate Your Year Live Table 15
Table 15!

One of the first things that Lara said to the group was “there’s nothing special about January 1st.” I know I’m not alone in always thinking to myself that I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. That there’s some ‘perfect’ time to begin working on my goals… and the perfect time is never today… am I right?

But the enemy of action is the false belief in someday (another gem from Lara Casey!).

Let me repeat that: The enemy of action is the false belief in someday.

We are alive now. Living right now. Have an opportunity to make what matters happen NOW.

We don’t know if we will have tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Someday. All we know for sure is that if we are still here we do have NOW.

Side Note: Now is my word of the year for 2020! I’ll share more about how I chose my word and tips for you to choose your own word (and why you should) in a post next week.πŸ˜‰

We spent the morning working on the bulk of the prep-work. After lunch, we continued to close-out the prep-work and turn our focus towards setting goals for the year to come.

Cultivate Your Year Live
2020 is the year of clear vision.

What’s important to note here is that setting goals is a fluid process. The goals you set today are not set in stone. Another reason I love PowerSheets so much is that they include a goal refresh every 90 days! So you can re-evaluate and adjust as necessary.

Freedom in goal setting? Yes, please.πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

For those of us who want to do all the things and don’t want to feel trapped by the goals we set, this refresh is our permission slip. Permission to reach for the stars and land on the Moon. Or however that phrase goes. Lol

I hope I’ve given you some idea of what it was like to be in the room. The event was such a smashing success that the Cultivate What Matters team is already planning on having it again next year. So if you are interested in being the first to know, sign up for the waiting list so you can get in on the early bird specials.

Now, let’s talk about the post-event tips…

How to Maintain the Momentum and Implement What You Start at Live Events

One of the best reasons to attend live events is that you get energized. You are in the room, surrounded by others who are also working towards the same end, and you are actually doing the work.

After the event ends, you have the highest energy. You feel ready to take on the world. Then, you go home and routine sets in. The distance between you and that fabulous feeling you had walking out the room grows. You do little to nothing with all that motivation you had.

Here are some tips to change that outcome and make sure that you take your plans further instead of sitting them on the figurative or literal shelf.

  • Schedule time on your calendar to do three things in the 1-2 weeks following the event.

    1. 20 minutes to review your notes. I want you to read everything you wrote down. Feel free to add any additional thoughts, highlight things that really stand out, and star items that you want to go back to. This is an important refresh. To put you back into the headspace you were in during the event.
    2. 60 minutes to complete any remaining tasks. In the case of CYYL, we started on our goals but still need to finish them. We also have action plans to fill out for each goal (so there’s clarity on the next, small steps we need to take). It’s important to get any remaining tasks done quickly while things are still fresh in your heart and mind.
    3. 10 minutes to schedule the actions you need to take to implement your plans. This is crucial so don’t skip it! Whatever steps you need to take next, put them in your calendar. MAKE THE TIME. Don’t let it be another thing that goes undone.
  • Connect with other attendees online & off.

    I cannot overstate the importance of finding your tribe. Having a group of people to share your wins, challenges, and encouragement with is one of the most powerful tools to help you keep up the momentum and create the change you want in your life.
    • When you go to live events, make it a point to get the contact information of the people you connect with and use it! Reach out to them on Instagram, friend them on Facebook, send them an email. If you can find a few people to form an accountability group with that’s even better!
  • Take action!

    Perhaps an obvious one but it needs to be said. Actually taking a step forward, and seeing results, is more motivating than anything else. You have to do something. Take a small step, then another, and another. As you build that forward movement, you will want to keep going and implement all those great plans you’ve made.

I want to hear from you!

Leave me a comment below and tell me what your number one goal is for 2020!

xx Carin

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