Dance Mom Adventures: Circus

This post is a part of the Dance Mom Adventures series – where I share my experiences as a dance mom. In this edition, read about our circus performance.

Oh boy…the dance commitments just keep coming.

So, I was delighted to hear that my daughter’s dance team was selected to perform a special show at the Ritz Carlton Tyson’s Corner to support the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of America last Saturday; however, I knew that this meant d-r-a-m-a for me. My daughter is terrible about sharing important details, and the busier I get the more I forget to check the information board or print the emails, etc.

ruby lyrical dance circus performance

The Ruby Lyrical dance was selected to be a part of the Circus performance. Yay…I think.

We made it through three Friday night practices, in a row -so much for the movies I wanted to see- and there we were the morning of the performance and she could not find her costume. Oh–em–gee! Why me. She searched high and low, in the car, in the garage, in the front yard; at last we concluded that she must have left it at the studio during the dress rehearsal the night before. OK, no biggie, we will just swing by there and pick it up on the way. That was a great plan, except for when we got there and searched the studio it was nowhere to be found. Oh–em–gee! Why me.

She assured me that it was all put back in the plastic bag with her name label and we hoped that the studio owner had picked it up to bring to the Ritz *insert begging prayer here* Please let it be there. I sent her a text but knowing that she was likely on her way to the venue a response may be delayed. So, we headed to the show while beaming positive thoughts and repeating: it will be there. Once we arrived, she texted me back – I have it! YES Lord, thank you *takes a deep breath, wipes forehead, and awaits the next catastrophe*

My daughter was getting a ride back from the show with one of her friends (they hung out at the mall for a bit first — she was sooo excited about being able to be with her friend) so I walked her in and went on to run my errands and get last minute items for our family vacation.

When my daughter came home she went upstairs to unpack and about three minutes later came running downstairs “Mom, I left the bag with my earrings and choker!” Oh-em-gee! Why me. I swear, this child, she has got to do a better job if she wants to keep dancing. I cannot, I will not, be there with her every single minute reminding her for every little thing. Luckily the mom who brought her home confirmed that she had her items and would bring them to dance class on Tuesday. Great! Oh, we won’t be there. We’re out of town next week. UGGHH I swear sometimes I feel like I can’t win.

So, as of now, my daughter has three recital shows tomorrow – 10 am, 2 pm, & 6 pm – and her performance earrings and choker are not in our possession. I just keep telling myself to breathe; it will all work out in the end. Visit me next week to read all about it.

I want to hear from you!

How do you help your daughter keep track of all her dance costumes…and accessories? Please leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.


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