Dance Mom Adventures: Competition Season Officially Begins

This post is a part of the Dance Mom Adventures series – where I share my experiences as a dance mom. In this edition, read about the start of competition season.

So, this past weekend my daughter performed in the first big dance competition of this season. Although she performed her solo a couple of weeks ago, she did not perform any group dances. That was more like competition light. When she performs the group dances, it is more of the real deal in true competition glory.

Since she performs in a total of six numbers–lyrical solo, amethyst ballet, amethyst jazz, amethyst tap, ruby lyrical, & production jazz–it was a bit of a hectic day. It was also a very long day; we arrived at the Baltimore Convention Center at 7:30 am and did not return to our hotel room until a little after 11:00 pm.

My first bout of competition stress always starts with packing for the trip. Luckily, I have a great dance competition checklist that I use to review with my daughter and make sure we have everything. The next pain point comes when it’s time to arrive at the competition site, find our studio’s designated dressing area, and set-up the rac-n-roll. Luckily, one of her teachers was entering the convention center when we arrived, so we just followed the leader.

The infamous rac-n-roll...with all 6 costumes ready to go.

The infamous rac-n-roll…with all 6 costumes ready to go.

I already had the schedule printed out (for our studio) but of course, I must buy the program which outlines all the dances and makes it easier to track our progress throughout the day. The first dance was her solo, at 9:24 am, and her last dance was amethyst tap, at 10:21 pm. In between we took a trip to Subway, and another to Starbucks, and we cheered for our fellow dancers; everyone did a great job!

There was a nice chunk of time between most of the dances, until we got to the last few when there was only about 20 minutes in between. I just kept reminding myself to breathe, take my time (so there’s no red lipstick all over the costumes and hair isn’t ruined), and relax.

The costume for her lyrical solo dance.

The costume for her lyrical solo dance.

Thankfully, her solo was up first–she is so nervous before performing since this is her first year doing a solo dance. “Yes! I can’t wait to just get this out of the way!” she said when she saw it was first on the list.

She got 5/5 stars, a first place trophy, and 2nd place high core for the Star division! I could not be more proud of her. Afterwards, she smiled ear to ear and said “I can’t believe it! It’s only my second time performing this dance.” Of course, this pumped her up and set the tone for the rest of the day; she rocked each group dance and they all received great scores.

5 Stars, 1st Place Trophy, and 2nd Place High Score!

5 Stars, 1st Place Trophy, and 2nd Place High Score!

The day would not have been complete without a few missteps: I missed the memo on the rhinestone choker so we had to borrow one from the Director; and her ballet & production jazz costumes needed some fast sewing. But, overall the day went well. Next competition is in 3 weeks.

Reminder to self: Ask more questions, make sure we try each costume on before it’s time to compete, and pay attention to all the emails/notes that are sent home. This has been a very busy year so I admit I have been a bit of a slacker. I promise to do better next time…

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