Dance Mom Adventures: Nationals Competition

This post is a part of the Dance Mom Adventures series – where I share my experiences as a dance mom. In this edition, read about nationals competition.

It’s the moment we wait all year for. The one the dancers train so hard to reach, and are so proud to accomplish. Nationals competition. This year, Nationals were in Ocean City, MD again (thumbs down) and the studio did an excellent job. Competition was so tough. There were dance teams doing a lot of acrobatics and there were some outstanding grand line routines – overall, it was a great week. We didn’t score as high as last year on some of the routines, but we still did a great job, placed on some levels, and got a few first place trophies.


Her three favorite costumes – production jazz, lyrical solo, and amethyst jazz.

She danced in six numbers – two jazz dances; ballet, lyrical, and tap routines; and her lyrical solo. Each of the dances, including her solo, received a score of 4 3/4 out of 5 stars; great job! SN: She got five stars for her solo at the regional competition and was a little disappointed. I tried to remind her that she was competing against dancers who practice seven days a week, year-round, and that this is her first year doing a solo. For her first year, 4 3/4 out of 5 stars at Nationals is exceptional! She was still disappointed though. We had one dance on Monday, one dance on Tuesday, no dances on Wednesday – went to the beach and pool – and 4 dances on Thursday. Also, the studio’s production hip-hop number was selected for “Battle of the Stars,” which is a huge honor, and they got 5th place overall! So exciting. They danced along some great numbers and that is a magnificent achievement.

I was so happy that her dances were spread out and we didn’t have to stress or rush to get changed in between. It was a calm change, with time to stretch and practice between each routine. Her foot was hurting some during the first couple of numbers but was not bothering her on the last few. She gave it her best, as did all the girls, and she was pooped by the end of the day on Thursday. Next year, she wants to do a jazz solo and I am so excited, rather than the dread I felt when she wanted to do a solo this year. We’ve already picked a song and I am going to send an email to the teacher she wants to choreograph to make sure we get on her list early.

Now, let me talk about Ocean City for a minute. I strongly dislike Ocean City. In terms of beach towns it’s one of the worst I’ve been to and this was only my second time going there. Perhaps it’s just the hotels that we end up in are filthy dirty and so not the standard that I am used to. Ok, I admit it. I am a bit booshy. I normally stay at Marriott or Hilton when I travel and these random Ocean City beach hotels are negative 5 stars in comparison. Note to self: Next year, I am booking us a room at the Hampton Inn, a Hilton property, and perhaps I will at least enjoy my accommodations. This year at Castle in the Sands, and last year at Princess Bayside, I did not enjoy it at all. Not even a little.

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