How I Explained Kim Kardashian's Nude Paper Mag Cover To My Tween Daughter

How I Explained Kim Kardashian’s Nude Paper Mag Cover To My Tween Daughter

I wasn’t planning to write about this on the blog.

There was so much news on this last week and it’s really an over-saturated topic.

I did engage in conversation on Facebook when I shared thoughts on an article that said one day Kim’s daughter Nori would be embarrassed by her mother’s full disclosure.

But, then I got a few messages from readers asking what I thought and wanting me to write about it. So, here we are. *smile*

A couple dozen people want to know: How did you explain this to your daughter?

Some moms are all for it. Some are totally against it.

And the bottom line is that there really is no right or wrong way to approach this. As with everything in parenting, it’s up to parents to decide how they want to handle the topic of explaining a woman posing nude for the world to see to their children.

However, since I was asked – and, perhaps I’m kind of glad I was – I’ll share my thoughts and methods for handling this with my 11-year-old daughter.

FYI – I’m not reposting the pics here {after-all, this is a family-friendly environment}, but you can click here to check it out.

How I Explained Kim Kardashian's Nude Paper Mag Cover To My Tween Daughter

The issues at hand…

Before I begin, let’s get to the heart of the issues.

1) Kim’s breakout role is the bane of her existence. She is forever judged for the way she became famous and so anything she does is evaluated under criteria that stems from the fact that our first introduction to her was through a tape of her having sex with her then boyfriend.

2) Nudity and sexuality are topics that are very uncomfortable for a lot of people. When you haven’t fully embraced something yourself, it’s difficult to comprehend the actions of others who are more comfortable with such things.

3) This should remain in context. Kim worked with a renowned photographer to recreate a past photo shoot. It was a tasteful shoot – although the grease is a bit perplexing. As in why, just why.

With that said…

Personally, I wish she had skipped the whole nude thing. Not because I don’t appreciate a woman’s body and right to be sexual, etc. {and damn, if only I had access to her resources so I could look like that – even with photoshop it’s not happening for me… though I have no interest in all the fake stuff… I’d just love to have a personal trainer, chef, nanny… you feel me?!}.

My issue is that Kim, and her family, truly only matter because of the internet. Social media is what made them relevant and popular. And anyone with a tween knows that they are always on.

Online. On Facebook. On Instagram. On whatever.

My daughter doesn’t have her own social media accounts {I’m the evil master who’s making her wait until she’s 13 and doesn’t have to lie about the year of her birth – how dare I!} but her friends do. And so my otherwise innocently minding her business 11-year-old came home and started going on and on about how she and and her friends saw Kim’s nude pics all over the internet.

Ugh. Really. This. Sucks.

The conversation begins…

When my daughter asked me if what Kim did was OK I said YES. She did nothing wrong. She is not less of a person. She is not less of a mother. She is not less of a woman.

HOWEVER, is that something I would ever want my daughter to do? HELL NO.

I would never want my daughter to be known for and judged by a sex tape leaked all over the internet {SN: Did you know they are still making BIG money off that tape?! I’m sure sales spiked after this latest incident!}.

I would never want my daughter to have her nude body plastered all over the interwebs.


So I explained to her that Kim’s nude Paper Mag cover is not in line with my personal values, but I won’t judge Kim because she doesn’t subscribe to my same school of thought. And neither should she.

I want my daughter to have an open mind and heart, enough that she doesn’t judge or condemn people for the things they do that are different from what she would do. We are all different. And some of us are more conservative than others.

Being different is what makes the world so interesting.

My advice is to keep your explanation of Kim’s actions in line with your values, morals, faith, etc. Use it as an example of what not to do {or what to do if that’s your bag} but above all else just keep judgement out of it.

Kids learn by example so they’ll be watching and listening to you. Your reaction will guide most of how they react, without you ever saying a word. So just keep that in mind as well.

Closing thoughts…

I’ve written before about the Kardashian’s; they make a great case study. Of course, depending on where you sit it may be a roadmap to follow or the exact opposite of what to do. Again, neither is wrong. We are all entitled to our opinions.

No, I don’t want my daughter to be like Kim Kardashian or do what she does. But I also don’t think she’s a whore because she put her beautiful female body on display.

It’s just not my cup of tea…

I want to hear from you!
Weigh in! What do you think about explaining these types of things to our daughters? Please leave a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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  1. I’m glad I was playing Fallout 4 when that cover supposedly broke the internet. There is nothing evil about making your children wait until they’re older to get on social media.

  2. I totally agree with you. I am not to judge. In my life God is the only one to judge. I don’t agree with it either and would not want my family member doing this. Thank you for the great article

  3. I just do not understand why famous people have to do things like this. It is honestly pathetic. I have never seen the actual nude ones until now. I have only seen the one that she had all of her clothes on with the champagne. I thought that was the only one she did but i guess not. She is very much a bad role model for kids. I used to like her and watch the tv show but this is just too much.

  4. I’d rather like to listen to my daughter’s opinion about it first. And I state my opinion after that and explain why I think that way.

  5. I think you’re right that we judge Kim more than we may others who got famous in more “legit” ways but you’re also right that Kim didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t want that type of lifestyle for my family but well… yeah. Also, I think it’s kind of sad that people like her get famous for what they’ve gotten famous for honestly.

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