bully free zone

Helping a Friend Deal With Being Bullied

bully free zone

The only way to stop bullying to is speak out and help those in need

When I wrote this Guest Story for Tiny Steps Mommy, Mean Girls: A Conversation With My Daughter About Bullying, I did not yet know that my daughter had also become a friend, and advocate, for others who were being bullied. I am so proud of her and how passionate she is about making sure that others do not suffer through the cruel treatment of bullying.

She has been going out of her way to recognize the signs of bullying and help those who are being bullied to seek assistance. My daughter inspires and amazes me with wisdom that is far beyond her years. This is a serious problem in our society – it always has been – that’s been exacerbated by social media, texting, and other internet outlets; children have a hard time finding an escape from bullying and its effects. This makes it even more important for us (parents) to have ongoing discussions about bullying with our children and make sure they now what resources are available to help them.

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