celebrating a legacy of love

Celebrating A Legacy Of Love

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I’m thrilled to join MassMutual in celebrating Black History Month by sharing my very own #JourneyOfYou story of how my family’s history led me to become the person I am today and empowered me to create a legacy for tomorrow.

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My grandfather and grandmother had two daughters, my mother had two daughters, and I had two sons and a daughter. And while we’re not the largest branch on the family tree, we’ve always been closest.

Growing up, we’d visit my grandparent’s house every weekend. Our family vacations together, goes on regular outings together, and we genuinely enjoy spending time together – something that always seemed like the “normal” to me. But whenever I describe my family dynamic to others, they marvel at the fact that we share such a close family bond. I’ve been told it’s something to be envied because it’s not all that common.


Some of my most cherished memories are of my grandmother’s childhood stories. She would tell me about her eldest brother who served as a Tuskegee Airman. And she’d share how her parents met and what it was like growing up in the 30s/40s. I thoroughly enjoyed our chats – and appreciate having someone in my life that was able to pass along our rich family history.

What makes this so special is that this is the first time that there are four generations in my family. So not only have I been blessed with the gift of my grandparents, my children have been able to know their great-grandparents.

Celebrating a legacy of love

Whenever I think about my family I feel their love. That’s the one thing I’ve always been sure of. I know that my family loves me, and they know I love them right back. That type of love and support has given me the strength to survive, and thrive, in the face of adversity. To make more of my life than I ever thought possible. To turn negatives into positives. And to become someone that I’m proud of; knowing that my family is also so very proud of me.

As I reflect on my journey, I contemplate the legacy I’ll leave behind for my children. My family’s legacy is love. Unwavering, unconditional, undeniable love. This is what my children and their children, and their children’s children will always feel.


As you reflect on your own journey and the legacy you’ll leave behind for your children, MassMutual invites you to explore your heritage, discover your past, and plan for your future. Check out this video to learn more about what the #JourneyOfYou is all about.

Join me and MassMutual in celebrating Black History Month and learn more about Building a Financial Legacy for your family to protect their future. Follow along and share your own story in the comments below, or via social media at MassMutual on Facebook and MassMutual on Twitter using the hashtag #JourneyOfYou.

I want to hear from you!
How has your #JourneyOfYou shaped the person you are today and the legacy you’ll leave your children? Please share with me in the comments below.


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  1. Where I come from Family is everything and I have always been close with my family and extended family too. I only have one grandparent left and I hope to have kids so she can see them too.

  2. Awesome family pictures! I have a really small family- me, my mom, my uncle, my grandmother. And my two girls. That’s it. And right now my grandmother is 86 and is starting to get dimentia really badly. She had promised me her car and she unfortunately gave power of Attny to my uncle and he wont let me have the car. they are selling it. I even asked to buy it and they said “no, it’s promised to other people”. which is funny because it was promised to me first. so our family isn’t really getting along right now….my mom hasn’t been the most supportive over the years either…. oh well…. I can just make the most out of me and my kids. Thank you for your post!

  3. Legacy of a family is so important and I’m always wondering what will be left for my children. I think our family had a tighter bond when my grandmother’s were alive and things have dwindled with their passing. My kids get history lessons fro. My father who shows them ancestry.com and I hope they learn a lot from him. Blessings to your beautiful family.

  4. how blessed you are to have your grandparents still around and that your family is so closed. That’s aHUGE blessing! I loved listening to stories from my grandmother as a kid too 🙂

  5. What a great blessing and a wonderful gathering of loved ones. It is a real blessing to have loved ones around and to plant that seed of family gatherings and community.

  6. Love the pictures! I wish I could have that with my grandparents. I’m sure they had some awesome knowledge to pass on. My kids are soaking up all they can from their grandparents and I love being a part of that. What a blessing.

  7. Those are gorgeous pictures, and four generations is amazing/wonderful/awesome. My family will know they were loved when I pass. I would like to leave more than just that though, though that is everything.

  8. What a beautiful family. You are blessed to have your family so close. I have a huge family but we are all in different parts of the country, which makes it so hard.

  9. It’s so nice to see a family all together enjoying each others’ company! We are a white family with several interracial marriages, so we really strive to understand and respect ALL cultures. Black History Month needs to be followed by Mexican History Month and then go down the line for different ethnic backgrounds because we are all Americans. Everyday is White History Day and I wish other white people would see that! We need more education, more inclusion, and more posts like this!!! 🙂

  10. The kids have grown so much from the top picture to the bottom. My gosh, I think I scrolled back up like three times.

    I love this journey of you theme, family has always been big to me. My cousins are like extra sisters, we were raised so close together. I love that my family let me grow up to be ME whoever that was as a child. They never tried to fit me into their image of what I should be.

  11. We are close to our family, and I can’t imagine it any other way. It’s so great to hear the stories of our ancestors, and to learn things about them. I feel like we can learn about ourselves that way, too.

  12. Your family is absolutely beautiful! What a great post. I come from a Hispanic background and it took me too long to appreciate my roots. As an adult, I celebrate so many cultures, and am so thankful for others who do so as well!

  13. You have a beautiful family, and I would love to learn more about “Building a Financial Legacy.” It’s always a wonderful thing to keep the family history alive, and to keep all those treasured memories to pass them on for generations to come. Talking to the elders is important in order to keep the stories going.

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  14. You have a lovely family. I am from a big Italian family and was raised with the mindset of believing that family is everything. They are.

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