Let’s Talk About Your Money (it’ll be fun, promise)

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.

When my older son was in high school, he decided to take a personal finance class. My first thought was “finally! they’re teaching kids about money.” I surely don’t recall having any of those lessons when I was in high school.

During my late teens and early twenties, money was something I certainly learned on the fly. It wasn’t until I enrolled in my business administration studies that I received any sort of formal education on money management.

I jumped at the opportunity to check out SunTrust’s onUp Challenge. First, you start with the Values Challenge. When I completed the Values Challenge it definitely reflected how I feel about money. I’ve learned over the years that I’m not much of a saver. I tend to fall on the side of “you can’t take it with you” so I’ll spend money I don’t even have yet without blinking an eye. I want to enjoy my life and money is a tool that helps me to do just that.

BUT, as I’ve discovered through being a single mom (who receives no child support) and a homeowner, the rain will come. So it’s important to have that rainy day fund available for unexpected expenses and emergencies.

I’m not saying that I’m converted and will be saving up three months of expenses or anything. I am going to look at my spending though and see where I can cut or pull back to eliminate the excessive monthly subscriptions, memberships, etc.

To get started, I explored the Organization Oasis: Build your budget. Budgeting has never been my strong area and I’m looking to improve that so I can get a better handle on my spending. Using the checklist, I was able to see that I really could be saving a lot more than I thought I could and it won’t take too much away from the money I can spend on the things I enjoy (dining out, getting a mani/pedi, etc).

With the one-minute rule checklist, I was able to quickly see what should stay or go. This was extremely helpful in helping me to determine where I can eliminate the leaks so I’m not throwing money away. I’m really excited about this because I’m going to be able to start 2018 on the right track.

There are tips, tools, quizzes, and checklists in each of the seven lands on The onUp Challenge. Depending on what your focus is you could explore one or all of the lands. I’m looking to explore Wealth Waterfall next so I can learn more about how to begin investing.

I love the interactive experience. Money doesn’t have to be a chore. It can, and should, be something that we enjoy talking about, managing, and exploring. It’s the best tool we have in our quest to build a thriving life.

Click here to explore The onUp Challenge.

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  1. Such a good read! I know I needed the reminders about how rainy days are inevitable. SunTrust looks like they make some interesting tools to help me save. I’ll have to check it out!

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