Macy's Back To School Shopping Party via @carinkilbyclark

Macy’s Back To School Shopping Party {Multiple Dates/Locations}

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Macy's Back To School Shopping Party via @carinkilbyclark

Back to school has always been one of my favorite times of the year – from shopping for myself when I was a child in school, to having my own children and shopping for them.

So when you add activities and sales to the mix, back to school shopping becomes the best thing, ever. Macy’s is definitely one of my favorite places to shop because they always have everything that I need, a true one-stop destination for back to school fashion.

You know that all-important day one outfit has to be on point. And Macy’s has us covered with their vast selection… my children can make a lasting first impression with the coolest looks for school.

Join Macy’s For A Back To School Shopping Party!

I’m thrilled to join Macy’s for an afternoon of crafts and activities including Disney Princess and Star Wars coloring books, the chance for my daughter to make her own Princess crown, and pose for a picture in the Disney Princess and Star Wars-themed photo booths.

So cute! And, it’s a free event. So, there’s really no reason not to attend. *wink*

Check out the coolest looks for school and play and get any backpack purchase customized by their guest artist*.

Plus, enjoy refreshments courtesy of Drazil Tea, Little Me Tea, and snacks of courtesy of Deep River Snacks and Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps!

Some of the events will also feature Daniel Skye. A 15-year-old singer/songwriter from Hollywood, Florida. I’m sure the tweens will be excited to see him!

  • Macy’s Valley Fair – Santa Clara, CA – 8/9, 2pm – Featuring Daniel Skye
  • Macy’s West County – St. Louis, MO – 8/8, 2pm
  • Macy’s Mall of Georgia – Atlanta, GA – 8/8, 2pm
  • Macy’s Clackamas – Portland, OR – 8/15, 2pm
  • Macy’s Bay Plaza – Bronx, NY – 8/15, 4pm
  • Macy’s Bellevue – Bellevue, WA – 8/15, 2pm
  • Macy’s Ross Park – Pittsburgh, PA – 8/16, 2pm – Featuring Daniel Skye
  • Macy’s Walden Galleria – Buffalo, NY- 8/22, 2pm
  • Macy’s Twelve Oaks – Novi, MI – 8/22, 2pm
  • Macy’s Countryside – Tampa, FL – 8/22, 2pm
  • Macy’s Dulles – Sterling, VA – 8/22, 2pm
  • Macy’s Florida Mall – Orlando, FL – 8/23, 2pm – Featuring Daniel Skye
  • Macy’s Brea – Brea, CA – 8/29, 2pm – Featuring Daniel Skye
  • Macy’s Fayette – Lexington, KY – 8/29, 2pm
  • Macy’s Oakbrook – Oakbrook, IL – 8/29, 2pm
  • Macy’s Woodbridge – Woodbridge, NJ – 8/29, 2pm
  • Macy’s Parks at Arlington – Arlington, TX – 8/30, 2pm – Featuring Daniel Skye
  • Macy’s Herald Square – New York City, NY – 9/26, 2pm – Featuring Daniel Skye

For more information on these free events, visit

For more information on this and other events at your local Macy’s, visit

Note: Event subject to change or cancelation.

*While time permits; applicable only on backpacks purchased at Macy’s the day of the event.

I want to hear from you!

What’s your favorite thing about back to school shopping? Please join the discussion in the comments below.

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  1. The closest participating Macy’so was still to far for me to travel, I’m just glad that there are companies out there who understand how expensive back to school shopping can be.

  2. I absolutely love Macy’s. Too bad none of these stores are close enough to where I live. Pittsburgh is about 2 1/2 hours away. Tempting, but too far to drive. I was just at Macy’s yesterday and found twin xl sheets for my daughter for $7.99! Reg. The price on the package is $35! 🙂

  3. What a cool party for back to school. I’m not sure if we have a Macy’s near by but I’ll see if they do.

  4. I love back to school and I love Macy’s. My kids have to wear uniforms so I don’t have to worry about buying new clothes each school year.

  5. School started almost two weeks ago here, so we are well under way!! I do wish that there was a Macy’s closer to us…they have great clothes at affordable prices 🙂

  6. I love Macy’s and wish the Back-to-School shopping party was coming to Charlotte! Of course, I do a lot of online shopping at Macy’s too.

  7. I have a Macy’s right up the road but It didn’t make it on this list . I think RI isn’t a big enough area. Great kids clothes !

  8. LOL about tweens loving Daniel Skye! I’m living about 20 minutes away from Hollywood (FL) and I’ve had the pleasure of hearing ALL about the new Beiber from the girls I babysit for. We went shopping at Macy’s every year for school clothes and pretty much all our house stuff too, like sheets and pots & pans.

  9. Macy’s is a great place to get some awesome clothes. We already started school so I have everything I need. Next year I will add Macy’s to the list to shop.

  10. Unfortunately Boston didn’t make the list, but I still shop at Macy’s all the time anyways. I love their selection and prices.

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