3 Vital Parenting Lessons Learned From This Mom’s Viral Facebook Post

If you’re anything like me, you waste spend quality time on Facebook daily. And if that’s the case, chances are you saw this viral story floating around the web.

In short, a mom (Kyesha) posted to Facebook that she was looking for another mom who was at the same movie as her two daughters and son. Her daughters disrespected this other mom, as reported to her by her son, and she wanted to apologize to the mom who’s movie night was ruined by her daughters’ misbehavior.

Here’s the Facebook post:

3 Vital Parenting Lessons Learned From This Mom's Viral Facebook Post

Kyesha Smith Wood posted this Facebook status after she learned her kids had disrespected another mother at the movies. Photo by Kyesha Smith Wood/Facebook.

Since this focus of this post is to discuss the three vital parenting lessons we all need to learn from this mom’s viral post, you can get a more in-depth rundown of the happenings with this story by checking out this article on Yahoo! (and in case you’re wondering, yes she did track the mom down and all was made right).

3 Vital Parenting Lessons Learned From This Mom's Viral Facebook Post via @carinkilbyclark

Let’s get to it. Here are the 3 vital parenting lessons learned from this mom’s viral Facebook post.

  1. You must be the example.
  2. The first vital parenting lesson we can all learn from this is how loudly our actions speak. The best thing about Kyesha’s post and her general response to this situation was the example she set for her children. I consistently advocate for the importance of being your child’s example, because our children are watching. They are looking to us as parents to show them. With this post, she has shown her children that there are still people who are willing to go the extra mile to do what’s right while also showing them how’s it’s done.

  3. Accountability matters.
  4. The next vital parenting lesson we can all learn from this is that accountability matters. There are many different ways that Kyesha could have reacted. Instead of brushing it off or treating it as a joke, she made herself accountable. She took ownership of the situation and sought to make things right for that mom. She accepted responsibility for her children’s misbehavior and was there for another parent. She became the village. This is something I wish all parents would do for each other far more often.

  5. Your child’s negative behavior must have consequences.
  6. The last vital parenting lesson we can all learn from this is that your child’s negative behavior should not go unpunished – especially when it happens while they’re away from you. I loved that she had her daughters write apology letters AND pay for their next movie night. I’d bet that these girls won’t be acting up anytime soon, and they certainly won’t have any illusions about what will happen when they do. This is important because we can’t be with our kids 24-7 so they need to know that there are consequences for their behavior, even if you aren’t there to personally witness it.

I’d guess that Kyesha is feeling pretty darn good about her parenting skills right about now. As well she should be. 🙂

I want to hear from you!

What do you think about how this mom handled the situation? Would you have done the same? Please join the discussion by adding your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I can read this post again and again just like when it was originally posted last year. Not only is it the truth, but future mothers like me can learn from that.

  2. Not only is this woman a wonderful mother, she is a wonderful woman. She could have swept it under the rug because she was embarrassed, but she didn’t do it. That’s leadership. That is good parenting!

  3. I am so proud of this mom for doing the right thing. Our children need to learn and this is exactly what should have been done. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. I completely agree. I absolutely hate when people let their kids get away with anything and everything and give them anything. That is not doing anything for them at all.

  5. I think that #1, you must be the example, is so valuable. Not just for our children, but in the world as a whole. We are all so good at telling others what is right/wrong, yet we make all sorts of justifications for our own actions. We all must be the example.

  6. I think this mom was totally correct in what she did I would have done the same thing. We always want our kids to behave while in public and when they don’t it’s embarrassing. I hope everyone learned something from this!

  7. You’re right about all three things, especially the accountability. It’s great that she actually held herself responsible as a parent, and also showed the right way to her kids.

  8. I think it’s wonderful that this mom held her girls accountable for ruining another family’s night out and is having them write a thank you and pay for a movie. That is the village. I love that the mother whose night was ruined actually got the message via Facebook as well. Truly a positive of social media. I hadn’t seen the posting so really appreciate reading it here. Thanks!

  9. I like the accountability aspect of this. I also like that the mom who made the initial posting appeared to be doing this genuinely and not to be gimmicky. I hope those girls learned their lesson!!

  10. Wow. Kyesha handled that situation with her daughters awesomely. Great tips. Especially setting a good example. Some times I think people say too much. Good reminders!

  11. Good for mom. She not only made her children take responsibility for their actions, she also made them pay consequences.

  12. Thanks for bringing this story to your readers. It is heartwarming to see how this movie fiasco ended with the parents talking through Facebook and all was satisfactorily concluded with the two girls learning a lesson they will never forget.

  13. A child must be held accountable for their actions or they will not learn from their mistake. Very informative read for parents. If nothing else just simply a reminder when we lose track of what is right and wrong.

  14. I think the other mom also did her part in the village. Instead of just fuming and complaining to her children, she spoke to the girls and let them know WHY she was in need of peace during the movie (not that it is needed, but sometimes people need reminding that not everyone is able to have the same things they are). The brother was also key in that he was willing to share with their mother what happened instead of hiding it (I think our culture focuses too much at times on not being a “tattletale” and not enough time on WHEN it is appropriate to tell an adult when something happens. So, I think everyone involved made a good decision. I hope she found the mom!

  15. I would be mortified if my teen acted this way but I would also be shocked if she did. You better believe there would be consequences to this behavior. I applaud the mom on FB and you made three good points in your article!

  16. I am guilty on being on FB daily (except for my recent Spring Break when I took a respite from social media), but interestingly I have not seen this viral post. But I totally agree…specially the last point on accountability. The lesson is learned when there is accountability.

  17. After being a teacher for many years and seeing too many parents NOT take accountability, I decided I would always take the road of making sure my kids knew where I stood with their behavior. I think people think it makes them look weak or like a bad parent if they admit their child did something wrong. Kids are kids, they make mistakes, they do things they shouldn’t and as parents, it’s our job to speak up and teach them when they have done something wrong. That’s how they learn.

  18. These are very good lessons in life, not just for parents. It took courage for the mom to come out publicly and acknowledge her daughters rude behavior — and that they were her responsibility. I didn’t see this story on Facebook, do you know if the post reached the woman they respected? I’m very curious to know how this story ends…or continues.

  19. I read about this on my Facebook this morning. I agree 100% with what this Mom is doing. Kids need to be held accountable for their actions.

  20. I would like to add, I commend the parents of these disrespectful child..surely I can tell they were not raised that way… Most of children like that aren’t, its what we call peer pressure out their. And as parents when do find out it is absublutely up to us to check them, n do something abt it, just like they did.. Kids today are head strong, and want to do the opposite of what right. This should have went viral; so as to see that parents are not tolerating that bad behavior… Thanks for sharing… Well done Carin Kilby

  21. I loved reading that story. It was awesome in my words. I like to think that I would have reacted the same way if my kids were the ones acting like that! Great parenting.

  22. I applaud the Mom for taking ownership of her children’s action. I love that she reached out even further to look for the family. I hope her children learn the valuable lesson as well.

  23. I saw this on your fb fan page wall and I was absolutely amazed that this mom did this and actually proud to know there are people like that out there. I am sure the kids have learnt there lesson

  24. You have made some really nice points. I did read this story a few days ago and had so many thoughts about it. First, I was impressed that she had a good enough relationship with her son that he would talk to her about it. Second, I LOVED that she held them accountable. I’m sure they gave her attitude and got mad at him for tattling and she clearly wasn’t having it. Honestly, I think kids are out to often without their parents anymore and are losing the benefit of having an example to follow. I hope I can find the balance for my kids.

  25. It is nice to see people still care about treating others with respect and that apologies do matter. I have small children so we are working hard on manners. But yes, parents have to set the example.

  26. Very touching post! I’ve not seen this yet on facebook. I completely agree with your points. Children need to face the consequences for their mistakes, otherwise they will never learn. And, setting a good example will stop them from behaving like this..

  27. I applaud this mother for having the courage to post that and make an example of her own daughters that this type of behavior does have consequences. More parents need to teach their kids to be accountable, it’s a life lesson that unfortunately many do not have.

  28. Have you seen the follow up? The woman who was the brunt of the girls’ rudeness responded. She was very thankful for the appology and very down to earth and humble about the whole experience. People are coming forward and offering her husband employment. Great results from teaching your children accountability!

  29. Yes, yes, yes. You’ve hit the nail on the head. All too often we pass the buck when it comes to teaching accountability.

    The other day we were at the grocery and when I was loading things into the car I realized the cashier had forgotten to ring up a box on the bottom of the cart. We went back in to pay for it. My toddler asked if they police would come arrest us otherwise… which opened the door for a conversation about personal accountability.

  30. Punishments are okay I guess but they should have limits, too. I don’t it when parents abuse their children to the point that harass them and low down their self confidence for life.

  31. I had not seen this viral facebook post but I am so glad to see that this Mom took matters into her hands and that she found the Mom. My husband was unemployeed last year for 9 months and I can recall going to a Movie once during that time and if I had been in the same situation I would have felt the same way. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Accountability today is so important. I’m a teacher and am amazed by what some parents let their children get away with. They are not accountable and there is no direct punishment for being rude or disrespectful. I think you hit the nail on the head here!

  33. I was in awe of her awesome parenting skills when I saw this floating around on my FB feed. Your 3 points are absolutely true and very important for parenting.

  34. I saw this for the first time this morning and my first thought was, atta girl. I’d do the same thing. My second thought was…wow, our kids these days are really in need of better parenting from my generation and it’s really disappointing.

  35. I couldn’t agree with you more, Carin! It seems like so many parents today completely fail to ensure that their child’s poor actions have consequences. I think people feel that brushing it under the rug is easier, but that type of thinking is detrimental to their child’s future as a positive contributor to the world. I’m so glad there are parent’s out there like you and this woman that are setting a positive example and holding their children accountable for their actions.

  36. I saw this story and LOVED IT! I don’t have children (I’m only 22 do I guess I’m a kid myself) but my biggest pet peeve is when parents don’t discipline their kids! If there are no repercussions, kids will continue to act out. Be the example for your kids and teach them what’s right <3

  37. I wonder if she ever found the woman who went to the movie! Gave me goosebumps – something like my parents would’ve done to me as a kid!!

  38. I think to each their own. When it comes to parenting I try to just do my own thing. While I probably would have done something similar I don’t know I’d post it on Facebook. Of course I wouldn’t find the family, but I would just find a different way to do it (maybe give another family in need the money, who knows!) I just don’t think every single thing belongs on facebook.

  39. I love what that mom did so much. It’s so important to let our kids know that behaviors like that are unacceptable and to teach them in a way that they understand it and never do it again.

  40. Huh, I hadn’t seen this post before! I definitely have to give kudos to the mom for not only trying to make things right, but also teaching her kids a very important lesson.

  41. very inforamative post. even if i am not mother yet but these kinds of post actually helps to make my mind even now for future. thank you very much for sharing

  42. I had not seen this article floating around. This is why I love my fellow bloggers! Such a great story and such great parenting lessons. Kids need to know accountability. Kids need to see accountability. Kids need to know that all actions have good or bad consequences. Such a great story! Thanks for sharing.

  43. I didn’t see that, what a great way to teach her girls the importance of manners AND try to make it up to the couple who had their evening ruined. I think all the lessons you outlined are great takeaways from the post. Accountability and setting an example are important, as is actually taking action to make amends for those you wrong. I hope she finds the mom.

  44. Good on this mother for publicly admitting and acknowledging her children’s bad behaviour. I think it’s so sad that the woman told them that this was the last film she’d be able to see for awhile due to money problems 🙁 I hope she can track her down and make things right.

  45. I couldn’t agree more. As a volunteer for multiple youth organizations, I see this sort of thing all the time. It’s reassuring to know that at least some parents understand the value of lessons like this.

  46. This is the first time I’ve seen the mom’s post, but I think it’s great that she’s reaching out to the mom who was disrespected by her daughters. I do hope the mom at the theatre saw the post. And I hope the kids learned a valuable lesson. If parents don’t teach their kids to be kind and respectful, who will?

  47. I applaud the mother of the facebook post! If all parents were to take this method, the majority of our youth would grow up with some manners. Because when kids misbehave in public or bully other children in school, the first thing we say are who are the parents of these ill-mannered children. The mother did the right thing to show that she’s does not tolerate disrespect from her children and that they will pay for their bad actions. I hope all parents see this and step up on their parenting!

  48. Wow. I hadn’t seen this before, but good for the mom for doing something about it. I Hope the mom of the other people saw this post she put up.

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