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Technology is one of the most powerful learning tools we parents have at our disposal. Not only does technology aid in teaching kids valuable skills, but it also makes learning much more fun. This month the kids went back to school and that is always a rocky time. Pulling themselves back into the school routine can be tough and homework is often dreaded by my little guy; who is only in the 1st grade. So, when I learned about PowerMyLearning, with educational games & learning activities for kids, I definitely wanted to check out this learning tool to help make learning more exciting and aid in a smooth back to school transition.


My first grader absolutely LOVES PowerMyLearning! He’s been learning more about counting, reading, exploring astrology, and more. He has learned so much and is having loads fun while doing it. For once, I find myself saying YES when he asks to get on the computer – knowing that it will be time well-spent.


At age 6, my son is able to navigate the site very easily. He selected the category and game he wanted to play with very little effort. I am always amazed by today’s modern techie babies and how they put me to shame when using my own electronics.

The games have characters that are familiar for the kids (i.e. Curious George), the games explain what the child is to do with very simple instructions, and I like the way the site integrates the parent and child accounts so that you can keep track of what your child is up to on the site.

Next up, my daughter – the 5th grader – wants to give the site a try; and I am sure she will love it too. Even my teenager said he would check it out. They have learning activities for grades K thru 12 so there really is something for every child.

Check out PowerMyLearning today and watch your child explode with a love of learning!


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