Carin Kilby Clark #SoGladTheyToldMe

It’s O.K. To Put Yourself First #SoGladTheyToldMe

When my friend Stephanie of Mommy, for real wrote an Op-Ed piece in response to a mother who shared her smooth transition into motherhood, nobody predicted the motherhood movement she would begin.

#SoGladTheyToldMe has brought moms together in the sisterhood of motherhood. We’re all in this together. And through this campaign, we’re sharing tidbits of advice that we’re grateful for receiving.

Carin Kilby Clark #SoGladTheyToldMe

It’s O.K. to put yourself first.

My personal experience with becoming a mother is different than what I read about in most blogs. Because I had my now teenage son when I was just a babe myself, motherhood came easily and has been the biggest factor in who I am as a person.

A story I shared in my HuffPost piece Motherhood Did Not Change Me, It Made Me.

I have no idea who I would be if I weren’t a mom. I lose myself in mom life regularly. I forget that I’m a person too. That I have friends, dreams & goals, and a life outside of caring for others. And that’s why I’m grateful for the advice I received, it’s O.K. to put yourself first. Because I need to attend to my own needs.

And I don’t want to feel guilty for doing so.

Get involved:

You can read more about the #SoGladTheyToldMe movement here. There’s also a form at the bottom of the page for you to submit the advice you received and would like to pass along to other moms out there.

You are encouraged to also share your own photos and message on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #SoGladTheyToldMe.

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  1. So glad you wrote this post. Moms do need to not feel bad about putting themselves first. I remember when actress Teri Hatcher spoke up on this issue on Oprah. She remarked how, if her mother made toast for everyone, she’d eat the slices that had been burned. That’s why Teri decided to call her autobiography ‘Burnt Toast’ to teach her daughter not to do the same things.

  2. We do have to put ourselves first at times. If we don’t take care of ourselves we will not be able to help others. We need to be physically, emotionally and spiritually fit. Thank you for this great article

  3. I think being a mom can become “who” you are. It is a huge part of my life. However, I am still a person. I do still have favorite foods, and movies I want to see, and activities that I want to do alone. Sometimes I feel that I have lost who I was/am, and that is a scary thing to feel.

  4. That is a wonderful message. It is alright to put yourself first. You also need some happiness in your life.

  5. I love this. it is ok to put yourself 1st! I feel like everyone needs to be reminded because you can’t help others until you help yourself!

  6. I’m so glad this is out now. I do wish it had been around when we needed it or our parents needed it. At least our kids will know….

  7. I’m glad you found that now instead of much later in life. I alwasy felt guilty in doing anything for myself when my children were growing up ad felt extremely guilty when I went to work when tey were teenagers. That was a huge mistake in more ways than one. Wish I could go back but I can’t. They needed me more then than I realized until much later. Thank you for your posts, articles, reviews, an dgiveaways!

  8. I completely agree! You will be you long after the kids are grown, and you need to maintain your own sense of identity! I think so many moms forget this, and it’s really sad to see.

  9. Thanks for the reminder that us moms can put ourselves first for a change! We all tend to get so lost in being a wife and a mom that we don’t take the time to be ourselves! We get lost in the person who we became after having children! My children are able to care for themselves now and I truly believe that It’s time for me to take some time to be me again! I was me before I got married and started a family! And, I still can be me now! Thanks so much for this reminder! Sometimes we all need to hear it from someone else in order to actually think about it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  10. I love this, putting ourselves first as Mother’s seems like the last lesson we learn. I certainly had to learn this for myself and while I don’t do it as often as I probably should it makes a world of difference. #blmgirls

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