3 Tips For Staying Productive While Working At Home

Clueless note: I can especially relate to this contributed story from Barbara Boser. As a mom of three who works from home, I can attest to how challenging it can be to stay productive. Barbara offers some excellent tips to help us find ways to stay on target. If you would like to contribute a story to Memoirs of a Clueless Woman, please email Carin Clark. For more information and guidelines, please see the Your Story Policy.



You see the dishes piling up. You hear “Mom!” being screamed for the second time in a minute and you have to get that blog written, a proposal out and it isn’t even 9 am yet. You have a feeling today is going to be one of “those” days. There is no doubt that we have all been there before and lacked motivation and productivity! As a work at home mom, it is hard to separate work time and family time.

As you go into the winter months, especially with the kids being inside a bit more, it is important to create a “safe zone” around your work hours to stay productive.

3 Tips For Staying Productive While Working At Home

Turn Off The Computer – I know that sounds like I’m taking candy from a baby to you, but you need this. If you are working 7 days a week without any time off, you’re going to get burnt out. When you consciously take time away to enjoy family and friends, it helps you reset. It also helps with your creative juices because you’re allowing yourself to be outside of your workbox for a while.

Designate Work Hours – There are tasks that you can do when you have time and then there are your money generators that need to get done. Create a schedule for your money generating tasks and make sure you stick to work (and off of Facebook). Make sure everyone in your family is clear that those set hours are your work hours and no interruptions unless there is an emergency.

Create To-Do Lists – I do not know what I would do if I didn’t have a to-do list. It just helps me stay on task with everything that needs to get done with my business and with my family too. For me, it helps to create my to-do list at night so I’m ready to go when I wake up the next day. Keeping everything in my head wasn’t very productive for me because I’d forget about tasks until it was the day of.

Bonus Tip: Just breathe! – Remember that no matter how much you have to get done (oh yes, we know about the dishes, laundry and Jimmy’s soccer game) being stressed about it won’t fix it or make all the work go away. Taking a moment to regroup and remember that everything will get done when it gets done.

These are just a few tips to get you back into productive mama work mode. I don’t think it will ever get easier separating work and family life when working from home, but using these tips will make it more manageable and enjoyable. After all, we all have our why for working at home and being more productive in less time helps you meet them.

Barbara Boser is a Presidential Diamond Distributor with It Works Global. She has built her business online and spends her time helping people get healthier and wealthier. Connect with Barbara on her blog; on Twitter; or on Facebook.


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