My Top 5 Favorite Blog Resources

Check out this post for my top 5 favorite blog resources; whether you are a beginner or a veteran, these sites are necessary for any (mom) blogger.

Since I started blogging last April, and discovered this wonderful blogger community, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon some outstanding blog resources. I regularly receive questions about my blog – and my social media tactics, design inspiration, etc – so I figured I’d share my faves in a blog post. So, let’s get to it.

Top 5 Blog Resources

My Top 5 Favorite Blog Resources:

Blog Resource #1:Blog Clarity (formerly Mommcomm) – I first discovered Melissa when I saw her book, Blog Design for Dummies, in the Amazon store. Being a new blogger, I immediately added it to my cart and it’s a decision I’ve been thankful for ever since. I regularly read through her website and her DIY Blog Critique eBook is a go-to resource as well. She also has an excellent Content Brew course and is about to open registration for her new Media Kit Smash course next week. All great stuff.

Blog Resource #2:The Blog Maven – I recently discovered The Blog Maven through the Blogathon Bash. The content on this website kept me browsing for a solid hour my first visit; and I’ve been back to the site several times a week since. This website should be a regular on every blogger’s web address bar.

Blog Resource #3:Fabulous Blogging – I literally joined about 100 Facebook groups when I started my blog (I’ve since dropped about 75% of them). One of those groups happened to be the fabulous (yes, I used that word intentionally) Bloppy Bloggers. The name alone had me intrigued. What in the world is a “bloppy blogger?” I wondered {I’ll let you find out by checking out Julie’s site}. She provides excellent resources for bloggers and the support and camaraderie in the FB group is ah-maze-ing.

Blog Resource #4:The SITS Girls – I love the SITS girls. One of my goals for 2014 is to be more active in that community. It’s such an awesome resource for meeting other bloggers, gaining exposure for your blog (SITS Day!), and learning all the ins and outs of blogging. I read their {always useful and full of doable info} posts a few times a week and I’m hoping to make it to one of their conferences next year.

Blog Resource #5:Bloggy Moms – Bloggy Moms was actually the first community that I joined when I started blogging. I can’t actually remember how I found it, but I’m so glad that I did. I always have great interactions during the link ups and blog hops. I also get a good amount of traffic to my site from my lifetime listing in the Directory. In addition to the awesome bloggers I met and the countless resources on the site, Tiffany had just published her Bloggy Moms Guides. I got tremendous value from reading these guides, and her Bloggy Guide to Monetizing Your Blog was a critical resource in organizing and optimizing my blog for monetization; which happened almost instantly from the start.

I want to hear from you!

What are a few your favorite blog resources? Please leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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  1. These are all excellent resources. I really like Bloggy Moms, it was one of the first groups I joined as well 2 years ago. This year I was lured out of my comfort zone enough to attend Bloggy Con 2014, and I am still on the blogger mountaintop. It was smaller, more personal, and more affordable than many bigger events, and much appreciated by me.

  2. I know and love three of these, and I’ll have to check out the others. My newest love is Beyond Your Blog – which is a great resource for bloggers looking to get their work published on other sites. It’s a great one!

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  4. I’m just starting out blogging, created my own page, but really have no idea what I’m doing! Thanks SO MUCH for these resources! I’m going to check them all out!

  5. Thanks for this awesome list! The only one I’d heard of before was SITS. I’m off to check off the rest of these resources… starting with Bloppy Bloggers!

  6. I’ve heard of Blog Clarity and The SITS Girls (of course!) but the other three I haven’t and I’ll definitely have to check them out. I love new blogging resources and can always use more helpful hints.

  7. Thanks for sharing these resources! I’m always on the lookout for these kinds of sites for help and inspiration. Will be checking out The a Blog Maven – that one is a new one to me! #SITSBlogging

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this list. I’ve been looking to find a few more good blogging facebook groups, so will definitely be checking out the Bloppy Bloggers! I have Melissa’s Blog Design for Dummies book checked out from the library right now too and am just starting to look through it. Will be checking out some of your other suggestions too. Thanks again!

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  9. I just recently joined the SITS Girls and have been opened up to a whole new world! I hope to be able to attend one of their conferences as well. I am excited to check out the other resources you listed which are all new to me! Thanks for sharing!!!! xx #sitsblogging

  10. Thank you SO much! I’m a super newbie and am trying to soak up as much resources as I can. I recently found the SITS site so I’m trying to explore that as much as I can. Sometimes the stuff out there is so overwhelming. Thanks for pointing me to ones you think are worthwhile. That’s one of the hardest things; to know which sites are worth diving into and which aren’t. I gotta go–going to check out these sites!

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  11. These are some great resources! I am a huge fan of SITS, that is where I really found my blogging community. I met Julie of Bloppy Bloggers at BlogHer last year and joined the FB group, though I’ll admit I’m less active with it than I would like to be. Since I have a creative business, I really like Blacksburg Belle who tailors specifically to that niche and gives great blogging tips.

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