fear face everything and rise

3 Easy Ways To Put An End To Fear

One of my goals for 2015 is to lose fear!

Fear has kept me from fulfilling everything that I want to do for far too long… and I’m betting that chances are, I’m not alone.

In this post, I wanted to share my reflections on fear and give you 3 easy ways to put an end to fear once and for all.

What fear is

Fear is your foe – no other way to describe it. I’m not discussing that natural life maintaining action along with a major boost of adrenaline that occurs if a wild animal is coming at you. I’m discussing the fears individuals live with day in and day out.

Somebody once described fear as, “Sand in the machinery of life.” Fear doesn’t assist you, it hampers you. Fear doesn’t get you through an open doorway; it keeps you in the hall. Fear never helps you put your better foot forward; it simply keeps both of your feet in concrete.

The psychology of now is, “Learn to live with your fears”, “adopt your fears”, “It’s normal to accept fears – everyone does.”

It’s true; lots of individuals do bear fears. And there are individuals who are attempting to learn how to live with their fears, and adopt them.

However if it’s “normal” to have fears, then why are there so many signs telling us we should be delivered from all our fears?

There are a lot of facets and faces of fear. One of the biggest ones is having fear of what other people think of you. We all do things, say things, and even purchase things because of the fear that we have of what other people think.

A lot of times, people join clubs or organizations because they’re afraid that if they don’t, other people may think badly of them.

People say things and talk a particular way because they’re frightened that they may not say the right thing in front of the right individuals.

People buy items because of fear not measuring up to those around them. And on and on it endures.

fear face everything and rise

Facing fear

The truth is, you don’t have to live in fear. You can turn it around. And here are 3 easy ways to doing away with fear for good.

  1. Realize and accept that The Higher Power {whatever that power may be based on what you believe in} truly loves you and that His love for you is unconditional.
  2. Ask The Higher Power to help you to face your fears. Meditate, pray, write in your journal. Explore what you feel and why – FACE IT and RISE.
  3. Make decisions based on what is best for you, not how it might or might not appear to other people. You’ll never, ever be able to please everybody, so stop trying to. You’ll never, ever be right in everybody’s eyes, so stop trying to. Your opinion of you is the only one that matters.

I feel somewhat hypocritical because as I type this post I’ve yet to tape my vlogs which have been planned and scripted for the past two months… But, this has been somewhat of a reminder – and very theraputic – for me to get over myself and face my fear {of looking bad, sounding bad, fumbling, having terrible lighting, poor audio, not having a professional set – the list goes on}.

SO… keep an eye out for Mommy Mentor TV coming to my YouTube channel very soon. *wink*

We will live without fear.

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I want to hear from you!
What is something you’ve been holding back on because of fear? Tell me how you’re going to overcome it in the comments below. And if you already have, I’d love to hear about your experience too.


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  1. Fear is universal and touches a nerve considering all those responses to your post. I try to face my fears on day (or minute) at a time.

  2. I do alot of praying to God to help me overcome my fears. God is my strength and always gets me through. Thank you so much for this great article

  3. I like your three easy ways to turn fear around. I really like number three, Make decisions based on what is best for you, not how it might or might not appear to other people. That is a good piece of advice.

  4. This a wonderful post. Conquering one’s fear is never easy but if you manage to do it, you will be very happy having done so.

  5. You really are a positive person & I love that you share and want everyone else to be happy too!! Fears can stop your happiness & life is too short!! I had to face my fears to learn how to forgive. My “higher power” is the Good Lord and HE is always there and loving. He also helps me face my fears and other trials in my life!!

  6. What a beautiful post. Your posts are so helpful and really make a difference when reading. Everything makes perfect since and it is stuff that genuinely will help me!

  7. I am terrified of mice and no matter how much you try to keep them out of your home it’s always possible that one may sneak in! I was in the restroom on the toilet when a mouse started scaling my vanity, I proceeded to scream as I bounced up and down trying to finish so I didn’t stand up and pee down my leg!! Lol needless to say my kids came running to see what was wrong with mom and i was so embaressed that I decided right there that a lil mouse wasn’t going to scare me anymore. I got up,washed my hands and went into the utility room for a mousetrap! I refuse to be scared of a small little rodent in my own home!! I’m working hard on overcoming my fear of them!! It’s silly, but very real to me! They are so darn sneaky!!! Ewww!!!

  8. I like what Joyce Meyer always says, “Do It Afraid!”
    Usually what you fear is nowhere near as bad as the reality

  9. Please do not be upset if I copy in one of your descriptions because it is basically how I have lived my life..I have a 400+ word story I wrote while attending University..and for over 35 years, against all advice (including my Mass Education and Propaganda Professor), I have never tried to have it published.

    So thank you….Somebody once described fear as, “Sand in the machinery of life.” Fear doesn’t assist you, it hampers you. Fear doesn’t get you through an open doorway; it keeps you in the hall. Fear never helps you put your better foot forward; it simply keeps both of your feet in concrete.

  10. I used to be afraid of heights until in JROTC summer cap we had to climb a tower and repel down it. I was scared climbing the ladder up but it was a lot of fun on the way down. Part of my problem is vertigo if I look up at things that are too high I fall over.

  11. Carin I appreciate your 2 concepts of fear and how to rid oneself of it, and I read your daily emails, so I appreciate your comments on life…but it was the total lack of fear when I was younger that now, at 63 is the cause of much pain (after 4 major operations)….where were you 40 years ago? Keep up the good work.

    1. Post
  12. I needed this! I fear change, I like routine, I like familiar so anything that’s not in the plan sends me panicking. I need to work on this if I want to move forward.

  13. Fear can be debilitating especially if we pretend it’s not there. A great teacher once said; only a fool claims to be fearless. We can have fear, but we must push through it.

  14. Great topic and like your options to moving past fear. May I suggestion that instead of losing fear you release it? I bet you don’t want to ‘find’ it again so release if for good like a bunch of baloons 🙂
    As for me, I have just released the fear of really owning my purpose and being able to share it with others so they too can move forward and see their visions become reality!
    I look forward to your Videos, Carin!!!

  15. This is such a wonderful post, and I can relate in my ways! Like you, I share the same fear in shooting a video. I’m sure with time and practice, my fear will a thing of the past.

  16. I feel many of us struggle with fear. It is just part of human nature. Our ancestors had to deal with fear on a daily basis. We just need to retrain our thoughts…our minds. Yoga and relaxation help us move forward by calming our bodies and minds before making a decision. Give it a try.

  17. I remember being so consumed by fear that I refused to leave my house. Thank goodness I have been able to grow away from that low point, but to me there will always be a few fears that linger.

  18. I don’t think there’s an easy way to end any fear. My biggest fear at the moment is to lose my current job. However, facing it with my beloved does subside the fear a great deal.

  19. This is an awesome post indeed. I have always thought that fear doesn’t nothing up hold you back and the best thing to do is just face it head on. I love your two meanings of fear. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love what you wrote! Such a meaningful topic! Fear to me is those nagging voices that often bring worry and chaos whenever one wonders what other people will think of him/her. It’s giving credence to these voices.

  21. This is such a great post and something I work on daily! I used to live of fear of stupid mundane things but I am getting so much better by facing them head on!! You go girl!!

  22. Facing fears is a hard thing for most of the world to do, including me. I continue to try to get over my fears and hope that one day I will! I hope you’re video goes well and I can’t wait to see it!

  23. Facing my fears is something i try to do allot of. I did this past summer, but facing my being high up fear and dangling from a rope.. lol i did have a panic attack.

  24. I’m not sure how or why, but I have been lucky enough to not be afraid of much. My mother and my oldest are afraid of everything but I’m trying to teach both of them that there is nothing in the world we can’t conquer!

  25. The thing that I am really fearful of, there is no ending. It’s spiders and I will always be scared of them. Always.

  26. Fear is no fun. I’ve had that problem before, and sometimes it steals my joy. I think a lot of what we fear will never come to pass, and we need to learn to think positive and not negative thoughts.

  27. Thanks for this great article! Fear is such a paralyzing influence in our lives. If we aren’t careful, we’ll get stuck in a quagmire of fear that’s extremely difficult to get ourselves out of.

  28. I have that fear! My biggest fear is driving. Although I have a license for 7 years now, I seldom drive because of fear that I might hit someone or cause an accident. You are right, I should face my fear so I can get over it.

    1. I drive, but I hate it since we moved up north. In 7 years I’ve spun out on black ice twice, both times across busy highways. But for the grace of God… 🙂 It’s scary now to drive when the snow hits for me. I stay home as often as possible. 😉

  29. Carin, you are a woman after my own heart. I feel the same insecurities about shooting video. Also, so much of what you describe about fear is how I feel. What strangers think of me doesn’t bother me so much as what “friends” and family do. That’s one reason I have not divulged to my extended relation or “friends” that I have a blog or social media presence. I have to see and deal with these people on an in person basis and unfortunately all the crap they say about me and others gets back to me. I’d rather not give them the opportunity. I don’t know how to change my perception and the deep lack of trust I have in them.

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