5 Ways to Find Inner Balance in a Hyperconnected World

The modern world is always on.

From phones that never stop ringing to email inboxes flooded with messages, it’s hard for busy moms to find peace. Often, we’re overwhelmed, tired, and trying to keep up with it all.

But it’s important to find that balance between on and off. Between staying connected and having inner balance so you don’t feel stressed all the time.

While it may seem impossible, it’s not. There is a better way to find balance in your life (don’t panic… inner balance is possible even without putting the phone completely away *wink*).

Try these strategies to coexist with technology and still have inner peace:

1. Focus on creating a healthy relationship with technology.

Between work, family, and friends, you may be online frequently. Your job may require you to use email, or your kids may text you updates. How do you find a balance amid the technology?

* Craft a relationship that is based on intent. Mindless surfing online can waste your time, so ensure you have a definite purpose when you use technology. All of your online actions need a reason.

2. Live with technology instead of for it.

Technology and being connected doesn’t have to absorb your entire life.

* Keep in mind that technology is a tool. Avoid making it the focus of your day or life.

3. Disconnect on a frequent basis.

It’s crucial to take breaks from always being connected to everyone through your phone, email, and social media.

* Take a tech break each week. Experts recommend setting aside the weekends for spending time with family and friends. Avoid surfing online, sending text messages, or uploading photos. Instead, interact with real people in the real world.

* It’s important to warn your connections ahead of time so you don’t cause concern when you suddenly “disappear.” They’ll get used to you taking weekends and vacations away from technology.

4. Manage your connections.

Do you really need to keep up with every person from your old school days? How many times do you need to check your social media accounts for new messages?

* It’s important to find a balance between keeping up to date with your connections and always being available. Of course, you want to stay in touch, but it doesn’t have to be an hourly issue.

* Try limiting the number of connections in your life to those that are important to you.

* Although it may hurt some feelings, consider “unfollowing” some people on social media, so you don’t have to be part of their drama anymore. Do what you can to maintain a stress-free social circle.

5. Partake in activities that reduce stress.

A hyperconnected world can make you feel on edge. It can increase stress and anxiety. It can also make you feel that you always have to be available to do everything.

* Schedule some time alone each day. The solitude will give you a chance to reflect, plan, de-stress, and re-energize. Try yoga, meditation, journaling, or keeping a diary.

* Pursue activities that make you feel peaceful and calm. Whether you hike in a park or dance in your living room, relax and disconnect from the world for a moment.

You can discover inner balance despite living in a hyper-connected world. Give it a try by making these strategies daily habits so that you can enjoy greater peace.

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  1. If it’s a busy day or I don’t have a connection and I haven’t been able to check my emails or social media I no longer stress. I take 10 minutes at the end of the day and SCROLL only through the emails and I have a list of 5 or so names that I check on social media. Easy peasy.

  2. I try to have a break anytime is possible. I visit my grandma and her house is internet free, so when I need wifi I go to the local library, but I rarely do it…I have hikings to do, friends to meet for happy hours and gossip to talk about with grandma!
    I find your 5 methods incredibly useful, eye opening really!

  3. I try to remember to set aside time for self care everyday. It’s not always easy to do when you are using the tech to avoid your real life.

  4. These are such great suggestions. We all need to interact with others and share our lives with them. We are really missing out on this one on one, face to face connection. It is not good. Thank you so much for sharing this

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