Behind the Scenes: The Joy of Recognition

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It was August 2010 and I was feeling pretty great. For the past few months I had worked my butt off to single-handedly plan and organize an all-employee conference/workshop for my team and our partners. And while I had been a part of planning committees on other events, this was the first time I had taken on a one-woman venture. I sourced the site, I planned the agenda, I organized the activities, and I was in charge – from start to finish. I tried to stay humble throughout the 3-day event but I have to admit this: seeing the fruits of my labor come together so beautifully, and to have every single participant, attendee, and speaker, tell me that it was the absolute best conference they had ever attended, well let’s just say that by the end of day three I had a bit of a big head.

A part of the wrap-up on our last day included a recognition ceremony. Now, my certificate was not a surprise – because I was the one to print and assemble the awards – however, everyone else was caught off-guard. Nobody knew that they would each be receiving a certificate and be recognized. And I do mean every team member. Each person had done an outstanding job in their program areas during the past year, and the boss wanted to make sure they knew how much they were appreciated. Although we weren’t able to offer any monetary awards, there is still so much joy – and value – in recognition. Each person was shocked and joyous as they came up to accept their reward.

The Joy of Recognition

Although my certificate was no surprise, the speech given by my supervisor and the applause and appreciation from my peers and team members was astounding. It brought me right back to a humbled state. I couldn’t stop smiling – cheesing – and being thankful for the blessing of simply being there. In that moment, I was happy. I felt overwhelming joy for my accomplishments and for the recognition of those accomplishments. This moment reminds me that, both personally and professionally, we all take great joy in being acknowledged. In the recognition of our achievements by those that are close enough to notice our great feats. I try to remember this when I am working with junior team members, peers, managers, or encouraging and praising my children; that the joy of recognition is a great feeling that we all should experience more often.

“Too often we only recognize someone’s failures, or missteps, when what we need to do is recognize and praise their accomplishments. For that is the truest way to inspire them to greatness.” CC

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  1. I don’t remember the last one about me personally, but you should have more awards than that! You probably do but I didn’t notice them in your posts.

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