Cut Me Off Again and It’s Gonna Be the Last Time…

The last time… Really, it will be the last time! Ok, before you get all out of sorts let me just say that I am NOT threatening anyone…that’s not to say that there aren’t times that I wish I could just hop out the car and smack an inconsiderate driver upside the head – because I do, several times a day – but I am not bold enough to actually go through with such a plot.

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SN: I don’t know why I like this stock photo so much…perhaps it’s because he looks like he’s about to say “I’m gonna give you a knuckle sandwich” Lol.

The last time I am talking about is rage – road rage – and how I refuse to let its hold on me continue to ruin my peace of mind. I am so tired of the inconsiderate drivers who decide to:

  • turn left from the right lane, always at the last-minute.
  • slow down for no apparent reason and then make a turn – ever heard of a signal?
  • get over into my lane, regardless of the fact that I am right there driving along.

I am convinced that they no longer make drivers get an actual driver’s education to acquire their license; they must be handing them out at the corner store these days. Nobody, and I mean nobody, knows how to drive (except for you, of course ;-)) Nor do they seem to care about the near misses, almost accidents, and pissed off road warriors that they leave behind while blazing down the road.

The decision that I made is to accept it and move on. They can’t drive. They aren’t going to magically learn tomorrow. They aren’t going to start caring about how their bad driving affects other people. They are going to keep aggressively moving along and never looking back. So, while I am cursing them out and going through a 5-minute sermon about what they should have done differently and how pissed off I am at their selfish and dangerous driving moves, I am reminded – by my 10-year-old – of one simple fact: they can’t hear me. They are long gone and don’t give a damn what I have to say. I am sitting here yelling, blood pressure rising, and wishing I had a rock so I could toss it at their rear window. How silly am I? I look, and feel, like an idiot. I need to stop.

The last time… Really, it will be the last time! Cut me off again and it’s going to be the last time…the last time that I react. The last time that I get upset. The last time that I go off on a tangent about your horrible driving; disturbing my peace of mind and setting a terrible example for my kids. I’m done. I’m free. No more road rage for me.

I want to hear from you!

Have you now, or ever, had road rage fits? Please leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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