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Charmed is, and forever will be, my favorite TV show. When I wrote the article, I Am Forever Charmed, about the life lessons that I learned from my favorite TV show of all time, I really thought about and analyzed Charmed. I can’t believe how much I love Charmed. I mean, it has been on TNT’s re-run rotation since before I had my now 10-year-old daughter. I also found it re-running on WE TV which was quite exciting (since it only comes on in the mornings on TNT…and I can catch it on WE in the evenings). What is sad about how I stalk cable channels in search of my fave Charmed episodes is that I have the entire series on DVD so I could watch it anytime I want; and without commercials. SMH!


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When I wrote the post about recognizing that you’ve changed, I thought about Charmed – specifically the character of Phoebe – and how much she changed throughout the course of the show. When it started she was the wild child, younger sister. Seemingly with no direction or focus and there wasn’t a lot of hope that she was going to change. But she did. She grew over the next 8 years. By the time the show ended she was a PhD. advice columnist, middle sister who became the glue that held the family together. I can’t think of any better example of personal growth and change. What I also love about Phoebe’s journey is that if you pay attention, you will notice the moments where she decides to do and be different than she is. You can witness her transformation.

We all have those moments. There is a quote from Beyonce’s Life is But a Dream documentary that states: “There’s no drum-roll or trumpet that goes off when you make the biggest decisions of your life. Sometimes you don’t know that you made em.” I can relate to this so much. Sometimes I look back and I try to remember the moment where my life changed. The exact time where I made the decision. It’s not always something I can recall, but the new reality shows me that it did happen. I made a choice. I changed.

Charmed never gets old. Check out the re-runs on TNT or WE TV and in the mean time read my article on the life lessons that I learned from Charmed: my most favorite TV show.

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