Are You Making This Mistake When Working From Home?

You awake a little groggy and rub your eyes before turning off the alarm clock. You drag yourself out of bed and go brush your teeth. While gurgling mouthwash you think to yourself “I really should take a shower and get dressed” but the reality is, you just don’t feel like it.

You saunter over to your home office area and plop down at your desk. After looking over the to-do list you jotted down last night you put your hand to your forehead and sigh; it’s gonna be a long day. You daydream about being clean and think about how you would’ve showered if you were going into the office but since you’re teleworking why go through all that trouble. I mean, that is one of the best benefits of working from home – pajama day anyone?!

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Now, imagine how much better you’d feel if you were so fresh and so clean – awake and alive after a nice hot shower. It may not seem like it makes that big of a difference but for me, it surely does. My entire day goes a little smoother and more productive when I treat my work from home days like I would my in-office days.

Does it really matter if you get dressed or not?

Yes! It does. And here are three reasons why:

Improve your mindset when working from home

When working from home it’s important to keep yourself up. Getting dressed may not seem like such a big deal but it really does change your mindset for the day. Putting your mind in “work” mode while in your home environment is an important part of effectively working from home.

Keep up your get dressed routine when working from home

This article on mentions the importance of keeping a regular routine as another reason to get dressed. It also helps you to put yourself into work mode by treating your time working from home as you would if you were going into the office.

Increase productivity when working from home

Something as simple as showering and putting on clean clothes can actually increase your productivity by giving you a mood boost, and gives you a head start on accomplishing the day’s tasks.

There are countless articles on the web about how to work from home effectively. And while they all offer excellent tips, I find that the one that makes the most impact on my day is this one simple thing. So the next time you are teleworking get dressed as soon as you wake up and see if your work from home day improves.

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I want to hear from you!
Do you get dressed when working from home? How does this affect your mood and productivity? Please leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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  1. A nice warm shower does make you feel so much better. This is so true. I know that if I don’t take a shower of a day I feel dirty and lazy all day long. Thank you for sharing this informative article. We always need to look our best to feel our best.

  2. This is a very nice post. You also prepare yourself the same way as if you are going to work in the office. That way you will be more alert, productive and will finish your work faster. Thank you for posting this.

  3. I tried working from home once and I did not like it. I found myself distracted and stressed and I was working more hours than when I went into the office.

  4. I work from home a LOT and so totally get the idea of going ahead and getting dressed to put us in that mindset. I don’t always do it (ok I hardly ever do) but I DO definitely see a difference when I do – I feel so much more “at work” than when I’m in my jammies and want to veg out and binge watch Netflix!!

  5. I have also found my most productive days are when I get up and act just like I would if going into the office. It is also nice for when I take a break. I can go outside and take a little walk to get some air.

  6. Hear! Hear! One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard while I was a working mom outside the home came from Oprah..probably 20 years ago. Her advice was to take off the work clothes as soon as you get home—even if you need to put on other “good” clothes for a PTA meeting…even if you just need to get dinner on the table…anything. Just change clothes. The idea was to make a distinction, a definite transition between work and everything else in life. I think you are right that this works both ways. If I worked at home, I would NOT wear pumps and do full makeup every day. However, the change from loungewear to something daytime casual would signal the start of a work day and make the psychological change easier.

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      I love that advice Mary Beth! I do try to change as soon as I get home and even when I work from home I find myself changing clothes when I have to go out and pick up my son or run errands. It definitely helps the mind to make those adjustments between work and home life. Thanks for stopping by!.:-)

  7. Great post, Carin. This is a great reminder that putting yourself together (no matter where you are working) affect productivity and mood.

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