Why a Positive Mindset is Important via @carinkilbyclark

Why a Positive Mindset is Important

Thinking positive and keeping a positive mindset may be one of the greatest challenges we face in life – especially as a busy mom.

But when you start thinking with a positive mind your whole attitude changes. You’ll see your environment with a new light. A positive mind also allows you to handle everyday situations far better and this includes all the ups and downs.

You cannot tailor-make the situations in life, but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations. ~Zig Ziglar

Positive thinking is a habit that you want to get into. Positive thinking allows you to dream about your future and take actions to make things happen!

There’s no doubt that life is hard and there will be times when you need to laugh, cry and celebrate. Nobody is positive all the time, and it’s important to allow yourself to express all of these emotions.

But even though you will experience a wide range of emotions, you should always focus your thoughts on the positive side. You can make better decisions and handle the busyness that is mom life when your mind is not clouded with negative thoughts.

Why a Positive Mindset is Important via @carinkilbyclark

Here are a few ways to always keep your mind thinking positively:

  • Always keep your sense of humor
  • Don’t allow negative thoughts to intrude
  • Be grateful for what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have
  • Try to be surrounded with positive thinking people
  • Don’t become a worrier

I know how hard it can be to keep your positive mindset going. But it’s a habit, and with any habit, you have to get started and make it stick.

Once you start thinking this way you’ll notice how great you feel about life in general and you’ll want to keep feeling that way. And you’ll want to keep thinking positive.

A positive mind also generates positive energy and helps you feel like a winner. It’s possible to create your own future and destiny and this can be achieved with a positive mind.

Remember only you can make things change. One way or another.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. ~Maya Angelou

Your health can also be affected by negative thoughts… leading to worsening issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. This is even more reason to think positively. And keep a positive mindset as much as possible.

Start taking responsibility for your life and if there’s something you don’t like, then make a change.

I want to hear from you!

What are some of the ways you stay in a positive mindset? Please join the discussion in the comments below.

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  1. Positive thinking is so important in our lives. It is so easy for us to fall into a trap and be down all the time. It just makes things worse. I have been trying to stay positive since reading your article a while back. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This is something that I try to do every day and I have been working on it for a while. I totally agree and thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing~ I think that a positive mindset is always important because it’ll help you, your family and your friends deal with difficulties better

  4. I agree with the humor. It really helps to break up a bad/negative attitude to find a smile or laugh somewhere. It helps deflect negativity coming from others, lightens burdens and eases worry. And will help gain perspective. As long as you don’t use it as a shield from getting serious when that’s needed, I think humor is like a much need multivitamin!

  5. I must admit…I definitely feel all of my emotions out loud!!! I mean, I show them all! Whatever I’m feeling, whenever I’m feeling it….it comes out! But changing them over to positive emotions at the time they are happening, would be difficult but do-able!

  6. I totally agree with you!! Being positive and upbeat have gotten me through lots of negative thoughts! Having a warped sense of humor also helps!! 🙂

  7. Very good points, I know that if I don’t force myself to look at the positives in daily life it is too easy to get frozen in a litany of negative thoughts.

  8. You are so right! I’ve realized in the last three years of hit-after-hit that the only thing keeping my head above water is staying positive and praying that the bad times will pass.

  9. I try to stay positive by not focusing on what can can go wrong in less than ideal situations. I am a worrier by nature but have learned that by giving in to worry I will freeze and be unable to make good decisions.

  10. It is so important to think positive. I know it is hard. When I catch myself with a negative thought I pray and immediately change my thought process. Thank you so much for sharing

  11. It’s posts like these that help me remember to stay positive. I work full time and have a 2 year old. It’s very hard at times to think that it’s okay if everything is not done perfectly. I do try to have a sense of humor about my failings as well so that I don’t dwell on them and say to myself, “…this too shall pass!”

  12. Negative thinking gets you nowhere. I try to always remain positive and look at the bright side of things. Thinking positive is so powerful and sometimes you don’t even realize it.

  13. I totally agree with you about the sense of humor. I think that my sense of humor has helped me in so many ways. I am not too serious and I can always laugh a myself which just makes for a nice outlook on life in general. Thank you for these reminders!

  14. Just as it is important for us to cry, when the need is there…positive thinking is the other side of the coin! Positive thinking is the glue that holds your life together!

  15. I swear being positive is the key to life! I’m all about positivity and LOA and things are usually going great for me. Positive energy is contagious. If you are positive and happy, the people around you will be too!

  16. Thinking negatively really can ill affect the way we feel. There is so much to be said for a positive attitude.

  17. waking up with a positive is what I try to do every single day. Moods affect everyone, and if you don’t have a positive mindset – not only you will suffer!

  18. Girl, thank you so much for this post! Just what I needed. “Be grateful for what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have” – yup totally true. I’ve been trying to not become a “worrier” too, it just doesn’t do any good.

  19. This is so true. I try to think positive all the time, but there are times that my thoughts veer to something negative. What I do is just shake it off and think of good vibes.

  20. It’s hard for me to stay positive sometimes, but when I feel the negativity washing over me, I pick up my Bible and try to read some of my favorite passages. It helps me focus on something other than how I’m feeling and reminds me that with God, all things will work for good.

  21. I lost my husband 20 months ago. It was very hard to stay positive, but God has taken care of my kids and me completely. I always think, if I can go through that, I can go through the every day things! It helps me to stay positive that way.

  22. Believe it or not, Facebook helps me stay positive. When I read all the hateful and angry things people post it is always a stark reminder that they choose to be that way. It is a choice, and I choose to stay positive.

  23. This is something that I’m really working hard on this summer. I am naturally a worrier and I’m trying to be positive in my thoughts! It can be hard but with daily reminders I’m hoping to change the way I’m thinking and become my positive in my thought process!

  24. I agree, it’s so easy to fall in line with negative thinking, but really – that doesn’t get us anywhere. We need to think positive to be more productive and happy!

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