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Why PowerSheets is My Favorite Goal Smashing Tool

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PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner Cultivate What Matters

To understand why I love PowerSheets so much, I have to take you back to the beginning. Way back to late 2014 when I was doing research for the book I wanted to write (and am FINALLY close to finishing this year!).

My first introduction to the PowerSheets creator, Lara Casey

I was browsing Amazon and came across a pre-order for an upcoming release by Lara Casey – her first book, Make It Happen (2015, Thomas Nelson). When the book arrived the following January, I devoured it in one day. 

Then, I turned to my internet stalking skills to find out more about this prolific writer who’d hit all the nails on the head with her message. And that’s when Lara first became my virtual bestie.🤩

During my stalking session, I came across the PowerSheets but I wasn’t ready to step up my game *that* much. In hindsight, that was the very reason I should’ve jumped in – because PowerSheets could’ve helped me figure some things out much sooner. But I digress…

As time went on, Lara wrote another book that I absolutely loved – Cultivate (2017, Thomas Nelson) and I started to rethink my decision not to jump into the PowerSheets goal planning tool. I was getting very close to taking the leap…

Then, while at the Charmed Cardinals retreat my friend, Rita, pulled out her PowerSheets book. My eyes lit up and I think I may have rudely snatched it out of her hands to flip through. I drooled over them online for so long it was a treat to hold them in my hands. 

Rita told me about how she used them. She walked through the different sections, showed me how she stayed on target with her monthly goals using the tending list, and the monthly and quarterly reviews that are built in.

I was HOOKED. And even more disturbed that I hadn’t jumped into using them sooner.😏 But, I just have to trust the timing.

My first year using PowerSheets…

When PowerSheets went on sale in October 2017 I was thrilled to finally get my first annual set. 2018 has been a standout year, and I know that’s largely due to me using the PowerSheets system. It has helped me to focus on what I want and stay on track towards achieving my goals.

I don’t recall a year that I’ve been more intentional with how I spend my time and what I devote my energy towards. I’ve also given myself so much more grace this year. Not beating myself up for the things I haven’t finished or the pivots I’ve made to try new things and ditch things that weren’t working or that I no longer had a passion for. 2018 has been so refreshing and way more productive than any year before. 

I was fortunate enough to use PowerSheets alongside a group of other highly motivated ladies. We formed a “PowerSheets Posse” where we got together in-person each month to complete our month in review sheets and set up our tending lists for the coming month.

We also have a text chat which can be quite entertaining most days. That’s where we shared our tending lists each Tuesday for accountability – this has been hugely helpful for keeping me on track, too. I loved having this type of support throughout 2018. 

What are PowerSheets?

I’ve talked a lot about them but here is the official definition of what they are: PowerSheets is an Intentional Goal Planner. PowerSheets use a very effective three-step system to help you uncover your goals, create a cultivated action plan, and live it out monthly.

PowerSheets Section 1 – The Prep Work

In the prep-work section, you REALLY dig into who you are. What is your identity? What are the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you are capable of? What are the things that truly matter to you? 

I wasn’t ready for all that discovered about my self while doing the prep work last year but it was so necessary! I realized that while I had been setting goals for years, without this pre-work process I wasn’t focused on the goals that truly mattered the most to me. Which is also why I wasn’t achieving most of them.😒

PowerSheets Section 2 – The Goal Setting & Action Planning

Once you finish the pre-work, it’s time to set some goals! And not just set the goals, but create an action plan to get started. And when I say “get started” that’s exactly what I mean. You will map out the very first steps you need to take. One of the mottos at Cultivate What Matters is “little by little” and I love this! It really helps you to think BIG but act SMALL. And when you see those small steps starting to add up, it’s so satisfying and motivating.

PowerSheets Part 3 – The Monthly Tending List

Using the monthly tending list, you set your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You can take the steps from your action plans and plug them in here. I love the simplicity of this system and now that I’m in the habit, I check my tending list each morning and evening which has been such a great way to make sure I’m doing the things I really want to be doing each day, week, and month. 

I really love stickers okay so don’t judge me.😆

And on that note, Cultivate What Matters also has a Goal Setting Sticker Book with like 1700 stickers you can use in your PowerSheets (I also use them in my daily planner, too!). The PowerSheets accessories, and all the other products they have available in their shop, really are the BEST tools I’ve ever used for living an intentional, purposeful, grace-filled life.

I thought the 2018 PowerSheets and accessories were outstanding but they have stepped it way up for 2019! They’ve added this awesome pouch to hold all your accessories. They’ve also revamped the tending tape (washi tape) and added sticky notes (yes, sticky notes!!!). There’s also a wall calendar and cultivate weekly notepad. 

Seriously, the wonderful Cultivate What Matters team thought of it all! You will have everything you need to smash your goals and live the life YOU WANT to live.

They also have FOUR cover options this year! This was a real treat because last year there was just one color choice. You can pick the right cover for you using their awesome PowerSheets color theory – so cool!

I picked the Multi cover before seeing this and turns out I picked right! Truth is, I love all of the cover options…but joy, contentment, creativity, and growth are exactly what I want to focus on in 2019. So I’m really happy that’s the PowerSheets cover option that I chose!

The 2019 PowerSheets go on sale TODAY, October 24, 2018, at 10 am EST.

Below are the links for you to grab your set. When you receive them, please post on Instagram and tag me (@carinkilbyclark) so I can cheer you on!

Also, mark your calendar for December 3-7 – that’s the 2019 PowerSheets Prep Week. The team at Cultivate What Matters will walk you through every step of setting up your PowerSheets so you are ready to hit the ground running on January 1st!

Any questions, let me know in the comments below. xx

Links to grab your PowerSheets & Accessories

2019 Dated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

The Best Year Yet Bundle

Weekly Sticky Notepad

2019 Tending Tape

2019 Goal Setting Sticker Book

Make It Happen Zipper Pouch

Cultivate 2019 Wall Calendar

Joyful Greeting Card Set

Cultivate Sticky Note Set

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  1. I’ve actually been using my iPad as my planner for about 6 months and it’s fun but it can get overwhelming and that’s making me want to start back to using a physical book again

  2. Powersheets definitely sound like my kind of thing! I love taking notes and it really helps to have a planner to stay motivated. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. If I weren’t retired, I’d certainly love to use PowerSheets! They not only seem effective but the lovely look would make me more likely to actually use them.

  4. I was just introduced to these planners. I am where you were a year ago…. trying to decide if I want to leave my Erin Condren and try this one.

  5. I love that this planner comes in different cover options. The one I currently use has only one option and too many pages that don’t relate to me at all and they are just blank pages I have to constantly skip through. I need to check this one out ASAP.

  6. This seems like a great way to reach your goals and schieve more. I tend to work hard and not set goals that might niot be achieved but this might be something I need.

  7. I have actually never heard of this before. I do find pencil and paper planners the best for me to keep track of items first.

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