Do You Recognize That You’ve Changed?

Have you ever wondered if anyone around you even recognizes that you’ve changed. We all change as time goes on. It is inevitable. We change as a result of our circumstances (i.e. marriage, children, career) and we change as the result of personal growth. What I always wonder is what happens when those around us, those that have known us for years, seem to only remember who we used to be; and not seeing the person we’ve become. And more importantly than whether they recognize that you’ve changed, is do you?

A couple o years ago while having a classic reminiscing session with some old friends, I had an epiphany. This is not exactly a new concept that I discovered, but more like being reminded of something that I already knew; and fully accepting it for the first time – that I’ve changed. You can always count on people who have known you for more than half your life to make you want to revert into that person you were all those years ago. You know, the person who gave out one cup of soda (although I had a six-pack in the pantry) or the one who only let my friends get one bowl of mom’s yummy chicken and dumplings (because I wanted to have leftovers to eat the next day…you know it always tastes better the next day!). I vividly recall us sitting and laughing at all the good old days and in the back of my mind I was steaming. I was pissed off and I secretly wanted to shout “Is this what you think of me!? Do you even notice that I’ve changed?!”

What I later realized while giving it some deep thought is that I was pissed off because I wasn’t recognizing that I’ve changed. While reminiscing about the old me, I got sucked into thinking that it was the now me. But it’s not. I am not the same person who hoards all the sodas and doles out rations to keep my leftovers. I grew. I can’t tell you exactly when it happened, but I can tell you when I notice it. When reminiscing with old friends. Whenever they bring up all those old stories of the selfish, self-centered me I just smile. I don’t get mad, I just smile. I still wonder if they recognize that I’ve changed. I still wonder what they really thinking of me now. But I know that what’s most important is that I recognize that I’ve changed. Embracing who I am now, and knowing that I choose who I want to be in the present and in the future; not some old stories about who I was all those years ago.

I want to hear from you!

Are you really living? More importantly, do you recognize that you’ve changed? Please leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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