10 Tips to Keep Calm & Reduce Stress [Infographic] via @carinkilbyclark

10 Tips to Keep Calm & Reduce Stress [INFOGRAPHIC]

Stress is a part of our everyday lives.

It’s unavoidable. But it doesn’t have to be crippling. There are ways to better manage your stress.

This infographic with 10 tips to keep calm & reduce stress will help you focus on more productive ways to manage and reduce your daily stress.

10 Tips to Keep Calm & Reduce Stress [Infographic] via @carinkilbyclark

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  1. Trying to get rid of negative thoughts is easier said than done. Negative thoughts usually go away without thinking about how to get rid of them. I know it sounds confusing.

  2. Breath deeply and know you can’t control everything, that’s what I needed to hear thank you so much for posting always looking forward to your post 🙂

  3. I need to print these out and post in my office. Why is it that it all seems so simple, then when the s**t hits the fan, all the tips are out the window. I am going to work on this. Starting with meditation.

  4. great tips for reducing stress.I find laughing and staying positive the most important ones for me. It really keeps my stress under control. thanks for sharing

  5. This are great tips.Just the no.1 is hard to do specially my 3 yrs old daughter is alwaus with me,shes a playful one so its hard to meditate .lol

  6. When I need to de-stress or feel better….I put on a funny movie!!! Once I start laughing…I forget about my problems!

  7. My stress has been eliminated from my life, I am 61 and I refuse to be negative in the years I have left. I exercise, have been dieting, lost 65 lbs, no longer insulin dependent and I listen to music all the time. I refuse to surround myself with negativity, therefore no stress. I also no longer work due to a disability so that cut out 99% if my stress right there. Thank you!

  8. These are some great tips. I can always use some ways to reduce stress. I already laugh and listen to music, I need to work on the others.

  9. Love this, so simple and practical. I talk about “reaching out” often because as women, especially, it’s hard for us to do. And I love what you said about stress doesn’t have to be crippling. We are always in choice, so unfortunately, if we’re stressed out, we’re there by choice (I have to keep reminding myself that lol).

  10. Great tips. Being grateful is a big one. Sometimes I tell people make a list of what your grateful for and keep that in mind. Music is a a great one for me

  11. such a great reminder since i and probably many others, find every day stressful. ‘we can’t do it all’ is something we should have plastered on our foreheads!

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