This Is Why I Hate Yard Sales

Yard sales are big in the summer. And while the summer may not officially begin until June 21st, all the summer fun has already started in my neighborhood. The pools are open, school’s out, and yard sale signs are popping up all over the place. Yard sales are one of my favorites – from hidden treasures and trinkets for the house, you can always find something great at a yard sale. While I have hosted yard sales, and also shopped at them, for years, this past weekend I grew to seriously dislike them. There were quite a few yard sales taking place, which is usual for this time of year. As I ran my errands and made my way through the neighborhood, I realized how much I am starting to loath yard sales. Let me explain why.

yard sale sign

Yard sale signs are a neighborhood regular in the summer…the problem is the bad traffic they bring.

The driver who stops in the middle of the street to check out the yard sale offerings. With a line of traffic behind him/her, some of them beeping their horns and yelling out the window, the rude driver does nothing to change. Continues to look over at the sale as if they weren’t holding up traffic. Just great.

The driver who double parks to get out for a “minute” and check out the sale. Never mind the fact that s/he is blocking a lane of traffic who now has to wait until the other side is clear so they can go around the car that is so rudely sitting in the way of smooth sailing down the street. Thanks a lot.

The group of people standing in the street talking as if they aren’t in the way of cars. Better yet, they look at the cars, and annoyed drivers, as if they are in the wrong place. How dare they attempt to drive down the street? Yes, the middle of the traffic lane is the place to hold this yard sale discussion. Smart move.

So, I guess I should clarify — it’s not yard sales that I hate, it’s rude non-driving, talking in the middle of the street, a**holes that don’t have any consideration for others and only care about themselves and their own objectives. The next time you see a yard sale sign, remember to be kind. Pull completely over, park correctly, and hold your conversations on the side walk. Your fellow drivers will appreciate it!

I want to hear from you!

Do you have any yard sale pet peeves? Please leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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