25 Random Things About Me

25 Things About Me Carin Kilby Clark

It seems like a fun concept – sharing random facts about one’s self – so, I decided to play along with the Facebook 25 random things about me note

Here are 25 random things about me:

1. I have dyed my hair so many shades that I don’t know what my natural hair color is anymore.

2. My favorite seasons are Fall & Spring.

3. I still know all the words to the Disney’s Little Mermaid song “Part Of Your World.”

4. I’m addicted to Starbucks’s Grande White Mocha.

5. I don’t like to grocery shop.

6. I almost died when I was 16.

7. I love hats but I never wear them because they’ll mess up my hair.

8. I burp like a man.

9. I sunburn ridiculously easily.

10. I love to make up random songs & dance around the house.

11. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla bean.

12. I don’t like to cuddle.

13. I was a model (briefly) at the age of 18.

Modeling was something I always wanted to do...so, I am glad I was able to give it a try.

Modeling was something I always wanted to do…so, I am glad I was able to give it a try.

14. I hate bugs, but they love me; especially mosquitoes.

15. The nicest celebrity I’ve ever met was Pam Grier.

16. I purposely seek happiness in everything that I do.

17. I absolutely LOVE shopping for office/school supplies.

18. I love taking pictures.

19. I am scared of mice, but I owned two gerbils when I was in 7th grade.

20. My oldest friendship is 28 years, and my youngest is 14.

21. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago.

22. Charmed was, and always will be, my favorite TV show.

23. I love scary movies although I am completely afraid of the dark.

24. I do a fashion dress-up show for myself every time I buy new clothes.

25. Although I’ve never been professionally diagnosed, I’m convinced that I have ADHD.

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  1. I love ❤️ that you love Charmed! I have watched that show’s reruns so many times that I know lines in the shows by heart!!!
    Your an Amazing woman! I wish I’d done half of what you’ve done and I’m 43! I wish we could be lifelong friends like you were saying about your friendships.ive had a friendship last now for 37 years! I don’t talk much to her anymore unless I travel back home. Your really great though Carin!

  2. Over the years I have somewhat lost a sense of my identity but didnt realize that even listing 25 things about me would be so hard!

  3. I’m going to combine some thoughts on Points Number Three and Ten. If you make up songs to sing around the house, then maybe you have a hidden talent as a songwriter! You are already a great writer to begin with.

  4. My Comment on Point Number Twenty-Three: my family and I are a little bit blase’ about Halloween this year. I think it’s because no one in my family is really into scary movies. The only ones I own are ‘The Birds’ and ‘Aliens’. Interestingly enough, my family does love to watch funny/spooky movies all year round. Some of our favorites are ‘Clue’, ‘Haunted Honeymoon’, the two Addams Family films, and ‘Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein’!

  5. My Comment on Point Number Twenty: I am really lucky. My best friend is my mom. I know it sounds cornball, but I’m incredibly grateful and thankful for that. I can’t imagine picking a better best friend or parent. I’m just glad that they’re the same person!

  6. My comment on Point Number Three: I am so thankful I got to see Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ during its first run in the theater. It’s stayed one of my most all-time favorite movies. The characters and songs are so captivating. I even watched the Saturday morning cartoon show, and played the original Nintendo game!

  7. My comment on Point Number Fifteen: I have been so impressed reading online by Pam Grier’s activism. She lends her voice and time to so many worthy causes. I hope that anyone who has been interested in following her career is inspired to do the same.

  8. My comment on Point Number Nine: I not only sunburn very easily, but I also do not do well with heat and warm weather. I guess it’s because I’m so naturally fair. I tend to wear lightweight clothing. I do best with cool and warm weather. No layering for me! Although, it’s kind of funny that I do love warm showers!

  9. My comments on Point Number Sixteen: I will admit, this is not always easy to do. I try very hard to find enjoyment throughout the day, with simple things. I like finding satisfaction in a job well done, like kitchen cleaning, or the excitement of a new episode for a favorite tv show.

  10. My Comment on Point Number One: I wish I could color my hair more often, and more dramatically. I first became interested in that while I was enrolled in high school. It seemed to be fun to change up my hair to suit my mood and desired look. Unfortunately, my hair is on the thin side so I have to stick to the six-week rule. But, since, wigs are in, singer Cher says at her concerts, “I’ll be wearing a lot of natural hair colors tonight.”

  11. My comments on Point Number Twenty-Three: I started to watch tv programs to get into the Halloween spirit. I watched a documentary on John Carpenter’s original ‘Halloween’ movie. But, I had to quit watching the tv show based on ‘The Exorcist’. It became too scary for me!

  12. My comment on Point Number Three: I still find this story fascinating. Disney execs almost cut “Part of Your World” due to an unfavorable moment at a test screening. The same thing happened at MGM with the song “Over The Rainbow”, and its film, ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Can you imagine those two landmark movies without their signature anthems?

  13. My comment on Point Number 21: I know exactly what you mean when you say you are not the same person that you were ten years ago. I’m not the same person I was three years ago! It is amazing looking back on events that make you feel like you have grown, changed and evolved as a person.

  14. My comment on Point Number Four: I am not a coffee drinker. It just doesn’t do anything for me. However, I must admit I cannot pass up Starbucks’ desserts. I could probably use a whole gift card on them!

  15. Comment on Point Number 19: I don’t blame you for being scared of mice. They scurry, and if you don’t know where they’re from, they can carry diseases. Gerbils are much more laid-back.

  16. My Comment on Point Number 24: the great thing about having smartphones now is that you can take pictures to see how cute you look in your outfits!

  17. My comment on Point Number 17: one office supply item I love to have on hand-in great quantity!-is notebooks. I love to buy different notebooks for different things I like to keep track of, and also to coordinate with different holidays.

  18. My comment on Point Number Two: you must be in hog heaven, now that it’s finally fall! There are so many things that I love about this season. To me, the best things are the return of primetime fall tv, Oscar-bait movies, the changing of the leaves, and the cooler weather. And, fall decorated M&M’s!

  19. My comment on Thing Number 14: I have a similar relationship with spiders. Not my favorites but apparently they think I’m their queen. For the first few mornings, after we’d moved to Atlanta, I would wake up to find a spider on my nose. My mom even asked a doctor if it was possible for me to have some kind of chemical that inadvertently attracted them!

  20. My comment on
    Point Number 18: my whole family loves to take pictures. I would say we have been doing that even more now that we have smartphones. I cannot get over the sharpness and clarity they produce!

  21. My comment on Point Number 22: I must admit, I don’t know if I have a number one, all-time favorite tv show. I have so many-“The Golden Girls”, “Amen” and “Smash” to name a few. I didn’t get to see “Charmed” in its first run since we didn’t have “The WB” tv station. Shannen Doherty is a terrific actress, though. I quit watching her best-known show, “Beverly Hills 90210” after she left because it wasn’t the same.

  22. My comment on Point Number 19: I completely agree on your natural fear of mice. I remember the night my family and I had moved into a house and a mouse was scurrying along the floor. My dad told me I’d just have to go to sleep because the exterminator couldn’t get there until the next day. I wouldn’t have minded so much except that all our furniture wasn’t there yet and I was sleeping on my mattress without my bed frame!

  23. My comment on Point Number 23: I too love good scary movies. I was afraid of the dark for a long time-even had to sleep with a little light on until I was almost fifteen! I have read that many actresses who’ve starred in horror films, like Jamie Lee Curtis, can’t actually watch them. Want a weird coincidence? Your comment about scary movies is number 23, and Jim Carrey stars in the thriller ‘The Number 23!’

  24. My comment on Point Number 25: I don’t know that as many people have ADHD, or other similarly listed health conditions, as one might think. I think that sometimes people get such an abundance of ideas, and we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to carry them out in!

  25. My comment on Point Number 24: I should start doing that! It sounds like a lot of fun. This idea sort of reminds me of scenes from the Nineties movie, ‘Clueless’!

  26. My Comment On Point Number Thirteen: I always used to fantasize about being a model! I first learned what one really was by watching the comedy film, ‘Love At First Bite’. Actress Susan Saint James plays a supermodel in NYC, and all of her wardrobe was done by Oscar De La Renta. I knew who he was because he had a line that was in my Barbie fashions. I learned a lot about designers by following entertainers like Tina Turner and Madonna, and reading ‘In Style’ magazine. I’m proud that you get to say that you actually modelled, and have the pictures as eternal keepsakes! As for me, well, a girl can dream, can’t she!

  27. My comments on Point Number 5: too bad you don’t like to grocery shop. If I lived near you, I’d be happy to do it for you! I love grocery shopping. You might want to try the new curbside service grocery pickup from Walmart. Happy meal planning!

  28. My thoughts on Point Number 16: I am the same way. I get excited over a new napkin for our kitchen or trying a new flavor of ice cream!

  29. My comments on Point Number Two: I can see why Spring and Fall are your favorite seasons. With Spring, you get all of the fresh, beautiful blossoms of nature. With fall, you have so many exciting things happen. You get fall tv, back-to-school, “Oscar movies”, and the crisp, cool weather with falling leaves. Such fun.

  30. Comment on Point Number 14: I too have the same problem with bugs. They think I’m their queen or something. My mom and I joke that I seem to have unintentionally attracted so many over the years that I should have been a professional exterminator!

  31. My thoughts on Point Number 17: shopping for school supplies was always a favorite activity of mine when I was younger. I kind of miss it! One fun challenge was fulfilling what were the must-haves on your teacher or schools list (Number Two pencils, only, ha ha) with whatever items you could have some leeway with (folders, Trapper Keepers, etc.). The fragrance of such things as erasers and crayons really do take you back. I wonder if it’s the same for kids today now that so much of what they do is on computers.

  32. My thoughts on Point Number 11: I remember when I first tried Vanilla Bean ice cream when the brand Breyer’s arrived on the market. Their version is still one of the best.

  33. Comment on Point Number 9: I too sunburn very easily. To quote actor Robin Williams as the character Mrs. Doubtfire: “I don’t burn darling, I crisp.”

  34. Comment on thing Number 15: I absolutely adore Pam Grier! Been a fan since I first saw her in the Eighties Walt Disney movie, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’. Her episode of the TVOne biography show “Unsung” is one of the all-time best. She has had to overcome so much and has managed to do so with grace and kindness. She’s beyond surviving, she’s thriving! I regularly check out her Twitter feed. Peace, cheers and take care

  35. Comment on thing Number 3: dearly departed composer Howard Ashman said that the theme in “Part of Your World” for Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid is also found in the song “Somewhere That’s Green”. This was sung by the love interest Audrey in the 1986 movie musical, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Another great song!

  36. Reading your entry for #1 reminded me of Cher. In her “Do You Believe? Tour” HBO concert, she says “l’ll be wearing several natural hair colors this evening.” I laughed-get it, girl!

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  37. Your natural hair color was dark brown….you wasn’t dying your hair at 6 yrs old. from ” your longest friendship” LOL!

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  38. I loved reading these facts about you. It’s always nice to read about the blogger. You’re awesome! I love your blog!

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